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Alice: Madness Returns - Review

Updated on April 1, 2014

Mcgee's Original Alice Game

Hard to believe today, but the original art was toned down before final release. The new game should bring back the original game's artistic intent though.
Hard to believe today, but the original art was toned down before final release. The new game should bring back the original game's artistic intent though.

Who is Alice?

Every person has his own inner demons to fight. We all have to deal with the shadow aspect of our self. For most of us, these internal battles are more important than our external problems. In fact, the visible problems of our life are almost always created by our own internal failures.

The appeal of Mcgee's Alice in Wonderland game is due to the creation of a world based upon Alice's inner turmoil. In this game she has to reconcile the different aspects of her personality. She even absorbs the energy of her vanquished energies. What doesn't kill her, only makes her stronger.

As a child, wonderland was a place for Alice to escape her life. As a teenager, she faced the evil queen who was an aspect of herself. In Alice: Madness Returns, Alice will be forced to deal once again with her inner fears and demons.

Alice has a certain pragmatic appeal. In the first game, when faced with a locked book, she simply pushed the book from a height breaking the lock. No messing around with lock picks or treating the lock as a puzzle. As the Cheshire cat says, "Good thing I didn't suggest force."

In the 3rd video released by Electronic Arts, we see that Alice still has no hesitation to facing danger head on. When a walking eye attacks her, she jumps up and begins stabbing it with her knife. She shows no fear and instead a certain pleasure is evident upon her face as fights her foes.

Alice is the fearless warrior that we all aspire to be.

Alice has grown up and so has the art work.
Alice has grown up and so has the art work.

Awaiting Alice: Madness Returns

When Mcgee's Alice in Wonderland was released in 2000, it received a lot of praise for it's innovative concepts and art. The game originally had such a dark Gothic atmosphere, that the final released game was toned down a bit. The original box art showed Alice wielding a bloody knife, but it was later turned into a deck of cards. She also wore an inverted cross that was turned into a horseshoe. Even after all these changes, it was the first video game to be released with an M rating by Electronic Arts.

The newest game takes place 11 years later in Alice's life, meaning that she will be an adult. The video and artwork released so far seem to support that idea. She was release from Rutledge Asylum many years ago, but she is still dealing with the trauma of her parents death.

She has relocated to a new city (London) and this results in new internal struggles and hallucinations. She becomes psychotic once more and retreats to her inner world, which has become warped again by her inner conflicts.

Alice will still have her trusty knife, which is often described as vorpal blade. Other items from the original game will appear. My favorite items in the original game were the demonic dice. Rolling them on the ground would create a door hanging in space, that would open and summon a demon to fight alongside Alice. The higher the number on the dice, the more powerful the demon. If there were no active opponents, the demon would often turn on Alice.

Alice: Madness Returns - Release Date & System Requirements

Although work on Alice: Madness returns didn't begin until 2009, Electronic Arts is still planning to release this game by the 4th quarter of 2011.

Alice: Madness Returns will be released for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Since it will play on an Xbox 360, we can guess that minimum system requirements for the PC will be a P4 processor and a low end video card like the 5200. Of course, you will need around a Core 2 duo and an 8800 video card to really enjoy the newest graphics that the game will employ.

Below you can see the released videos by Electronic Arts showing some aspects of the new Alice: Madness Returns game.

Collector's Artwork behind Alice: Madness Returns

EA Release #1 - Alice: Madness Returns

EA Release #2 - Alice: Madness Returns

EA Release #3 - Alice: Madness Returns

Alice: Madness Returns - Launch Trailer


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