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Aliens Vs Predator 3 Tips And Strategies

Updated on July 15, 2012

Aliens vs Predator 3 or as i will now call it AVP is an easy game to pick up and play but an incredibly hard game to master due to the three species and their different traits,what follows will be a list of the best tips for each species to help you out in an online battle.Out of the 3 species the Marine will be the one that you immediately feel comfortable playing with as it will feel like halo or call of duty,The Predator is easy once you get the hang of jumping from point to point and using your weapons,having said that i feel you are at a disadvantage with the predator as you have to search the maps to find the weapon addons,finally the alien although not carrying any weapons apart from those dreadfully sharp claws and a ferocious tail whip is one of the deadliest simply because of the speed of the attacks and the fact you can use any surface on which to move,so in short learn the tips I'm about to reveal and master them once you do that and with some practice you will see yourself shooting up the leader-boards.


The Marines Survival Tips

As the Marine the one thing that will help you stay alive is working in a team so try to find like minded marines who are going watch your back,if you can,fight back to back or either up against a wall that way you don't have to watch every side.You are going to have to depend on your motion tracker because as you are aware the alien has to get close enough to you to kill you so to protect against that keep an eye on your tracker when it bleeps take note where from and the distance and make sure you have a full clip of ammo.If you can get used to blocking followed by a counter your character will block then use the butt of his rifle to knock your foe to the floor giving you enough time to unload a magazine into them.Good luck

The Marine Tips

The Alien Tips

Tip number one use the darkness.If you can smash out any light that are near you as that will help,try not to stay on the ground for too long as you are liable to be killed by marines from head on,if you are on the ground run at full speed as its difficult to kill you when moving fast.Use the walls and ceilings as these are the darkest places and its a lot harder to be spotted up there,when hunting marines as you can see through walls you can easily see when one of the marines becomes detached from his party then he is an easy target,when hunting predators i find the best way to kill them is when they are in the process of killing someone else as they are distracted failing that sneak up behind them.When there are a number of marines working together then move in short bursts as when you stop they cannot track you.

Alien Tips

The Predator Tips

The predator has a wealth of tools at his disposal but in multi player you only start out with cloak,the focus jump ability and the 3 different visions.The cloak is great as the marines wont see you coming although they can still track you with their motion tracker but if you use the focus jump ability and leap from pillar to tree trunk they will have a hard time keeping tabs on you,then use the focus jump to close the distance on them for a speedy kill.The aliens can spot you from a distance unfortunately even when cloaked so to kill them you will need to learn the whereabouts of the different weapons available for you on the map,the shoulder mounted cannon,the combi stick and the flying disc are brilliant for ranged attacks whilst you lurk in the treetops but you do need to find them,then simply switch to either your heat vision or alien vision and pick them out from a distance and launch your ranged weapons.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      hey can anyone please tell me how to pick up any weapon lying in front of us???

      I'm predator....

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great page thnx for the blocking tips.


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