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An incredible and interesting party game - Scene it! - A review

Updated on April 2, 2015
Our first bundle bought
Our first bundle bought | Source

My first contact with Scene it!

About 3 years ago we moved into a new flat with my fiancé, so shortly after we decided to throw a housewarming party to our friends. I was in charge of the food meanwhile Daniel tried to find some kind of board game that will entertain those who are staying late with us and that won’t require much effort after a big feast :).

We were searching together through many pages finally, as none of the games seemed interesting. As Daniel recently got a new Xbox 360 from me, I decided to try to find something for that platform, although I did not expect to find a real party game for 4 people for Xbox in fact.

But then suddenly something caught my eye on Amazon. The description said it is a fun trivia game for movie fans that provide hours of laugh and challenge for the whole family. As I am a huge movie and series fan, I decided to read more about this game. After about 3 minutes of searching and reading, finally we decided to order it with express shipping.

A few days later, just before the day of the party the game arrived. Let’s just say, our friends almost stayed hungry, as with Daniel we spent hours playing with this game that day :).

Finally the party was a hit and we really did play with this game a lot: meanwhile some people were eating, others just finished a game and then everyone changed place.

Since that time, when the game we bought was not that popular yet, nowadays there are tens of types of this game, not only for Xbox.

All in all, I can recommend this game for everyone who want to have some real family fun and who love movies (there are even special movie editions out there – keep on reading to get to know them).

Real family fun
Real family fun

About the game in a nutshell

  • most of the editions require 13 years+
  • 2 or more players
  • an Xbox or a DVD player and TV or a computer
  • movie knowledge is important in this game, but sudden changes in score favour those too, who are not THAT familiar with these movies included
  • the game is challenging memory, problem solving skills and observation at once
  • images, sound bites and various clips from movies followed by interesting questions
  • contains both old and new movies
  • hundreds of questions – you rarely see the same question twice (according to my own experiences)
  • some of the latest editions come with a unique game board and eight-sided dice as well

A review about the game on

"I got this game for my daughter, who is a movie addict. She has enjoyed the other Scene It games in the past and this one is just as entertaining. This is the comedy edition. It features comedy movies from a while back, like Caddyshack and Animal House and also more current films like The 40 Year Old Virgin and The Hangover. It is a dvd game which is very easy to play, just pop in the dvd and use your remote to play the trivia portion and on-screen puzzles. Gameboard and collectible tokens included. If you've enjoyed Scene It games before, you won't be disappointed. More of the same fun and some little changes to keep it interesting. If you've never played before, but you enjoy movies and like competitive games, get some friends and family together and play. It's fun and the movie clips actually make you laugh. I'd highly recommend."

Review by: E. Perry on about Scene It? Comedy Movies Deluxe

Scene it! – for Xbox 360

These 2 come with 4 buzz-in controllers that is essential for Xbox 360 editions:

Scene It? Box Office Smash Bundle - Xbox 360
Scene It? Box Office Smash Bundle - Xbox 360

If you would like to buy the game with a different game, here's your chance, this edition also comes in a bundle, so contains the 4 special controllers with the game.

SceneIt? Includes 4 Big Button GamePads - Xbox 360
SceneIt? Includes 4 Big Button GamePads - Xbox 360

This was the first game we bought - this edition comes in a bundle, so it contains the 4 special buzz-in buttoned controllers.


A glimpse into Scene it! Box Office Smash game:

How do you like this game?

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Scene it!

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