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Android Game: Pearl in Peril

Updated on March 6, 2017
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Martin has been a software developer for many years. This is mixed with a passion for retro machines and game,

Pearl in Peril Android Game

Pearl in Peril

Old School gaming is back for your Android phone with the first release from BrainDrain productions.

BrainDrain are a duo of Scottish developers who have put this together and have focussed on simple gameplay and fast paced action.

Pearl in Peril is an arcade style game that is simple to play and has a familiar look and feel to anyone who is a fan of 16-bit gaming from the days of the Atari ST and Commodore Amiga.

I have been playing this for a while now and decided to feature it here on hub pages.

If you want to more about the adventures of 'Granny Pearl' then please read on...

Pearl In Peril Game Overview

Pretty much all retro games for home computers had a nice little back story to set the scene, and this game is no exception.

"Poor granny Pearl has a terrible habit of dropping her handbag and all of its contents in various dangerous (and often bizarre) locations.

Are you willing to help this awkward octogenarian retrieve this all-important object and all of its precious cargo?

Guide Pearl through extraordinary and fantastic worlds in search of her lipstick, false teeth and house keys, whilst at the same time saving her from the many perils that lie in wait."

The objective of the game is to play your way through the various levels, and keep our heroine safe as she drops continually downwards in an effort to retrieve her hand-bad, which is always sitting at the bottom of the current level.

The Menu Screen to Pearl in Peril

Awesome Retro style gaming begins with Pearl in Peril
Awesome Retro style gaming begins with Pearl in Peril

Poor Pearl Loses A Life

She maybe down but she's not out. Pearl in Peril.
She maybe down but she's not out. Pearl in Peril.

Pearl in Peril android gameplay

The game is a vertically scrolling affair with the graphics moving upwards (bottom to top) constantly.

The game never stops moving until you either lose a life or you make it to the end of the current level.

It is up to you to guide Pearl safely as she plummets ever downwards in search of her precious handbag.

You can move dear old Pearl by tilting the phone or by using the touch-screen; I find using the built in phone tilt to be the best way to control her as it uses inertia (very effectively) to move our Pearl from side to side.

The usual pitfalls are there to be avoided such as pointed spears, daggers, skulls, winged bats and other deadly menaces.

In classic fashion each level has a different theme and also a distinct design. The music changes from level to level and sets the mood for each environment perfectly.

The nasties also vary from level to level and fit in with the current setting.

So, one minute you will find yourself underwater avoiding deadly sea creatures and crustaceans; the next you will be plummeting through a suitably spooky graveyard dodging all manner of gothic creatures and nasties.

You may even end up descending the very depths of hell itself, but only if you are a 'helluva' player of course.

Bonuses are available to collect to boost your score and Pearl is also equipped with a handy umbrella which she can use to slow her rate of descent.

This is very useful for negotiating those narrow passages and tricky creatures.

Pearl In Peril In Game Screen on Android

Collect those dollars granny! Pearl in Peril on Android
Collect those dollars granny! Pearl in Peril on Android

Pearl in Peril in game action on Android

Pearl has to collect those dollars on your Android device
Pearl has to collect those dollars on your Android device

Graphics and Music

The graphics throughout the game are very reminiscent of the 16-bit era.

The levels are well designed and are adorned with the right 'retro look' which sets the atmosphere for the player very nicely. The scrolling is perfectly smooth and it also offers some pleasing parallax effects.

The levels vary a great deal; each one is coloured as it should be to match the setting. The colour schemes match the mood of the backdrop, which again generates a nice bit of atmosphere within the game.

Musically the game also does really well. As you progress through the levels the background music changes accordingly and adds to the overall mood nicely. For a game of this type the audio and visuals are great.

A little polish overall would heighten the mood yet further still.

Pearl In Peril In Action on an Android phone


As the saying goes, this is a game that is right up my street.

As you are aware I am a huge fan of retro gaming, and this title from BrainDrain manages to capture the magic of the 1980's and 1990's perfectly.

Game Features:

  • The in game music is catchy and well composed
  • Graphics have the right 'cartoony feel' and suit the game well
  • 'Checkpoints' are set throughout each level meaning you do not have to go all the way back to the top of the current screen once you have passed the checkpoint marker
  • It does have that 'One more go' factor. The game can be frustrating at times, but you do want to keep at it and reach the next level
  • 'Designed levels'. Each level has been designed and can be learned by the player. I much prefer this over randomly generated screens or environments
  • Collision detection is good, although it could be improved a little. It is certainly good enough to allow the game to flow and remain playable

Pearl in Peril proves that home-brew games can pack plenty of punch when it comes to quality.

The full game is available as a free download and install for your android device.

Download Pearl In Peril

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