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Android Games | GUN BROS

Updated on May 12, 2011

GUN BROS is another one of those kick-a** 3D shoot'em'up game for Android devices and most likely one of the best FREE Android games out there. Featuring non-stop action and an enormous amount of artillery and armour that we can wear to overcome our enemies, it guarantees several hours of fun on your mobile phone.

If you're into Action/Shooting games like I am, then perhaps you should check GUN BROS - I've got this game for a while now and it's great to beat on downtime...and the best part of it: It's FREE (Yes, the full version).

The Story Behind GUN BROS

Our heroes are Percy Gun and Francis Gun – two brothers in blood, but also arms. They’re the last field operatives of the F.R.A.G.G.E.D (Freakishly Rugged Advanced Genetics Galactic Enforcement Division) – an elite military team whose mission to protect the universe from the alien race called Tyrannical Oppressors of Life (or commonly called T.O.O.L.).

The T.O.O.L. have been searching for a rare but powerful mineral called Xplodium in efforts to create even more powerful weapons so they can control the Universe. This is where the Gun Brother’s step into action. They’re going to have to step this threat before it’s too late, jumping from planet to planet, and cleaning every trace of T.O.O.L forces,

Do you think the GUN BROS can save the Cosmos? Just give them some Xplodium-crafted top-notch weaponry and a point them in the right direction - they're destroy whatever gets in their way!

Gameplay, Sound and Controls

GUN BROS is a dual stick 3D shoot'em'up in an isometric camera point-of-view - pretty much like Guerrilla Bob (another great game of the genre). The camera moves around, following you as you move the character.

Some people say that the controls are a bit hard to get used to, especially if you're trying to run from enemies while shooting at the same time, since there's two separate sticks for those functions - one to the left, another one to the right - it may be a bit confusing at first; personally, I think they're very good after and after a couple missions we get used to them. It's very hard not to compare this game to Guerrilla Bob, especially regarding controls - they're pretty similar. One main difference I’ve noticed in them though: In Guerrilla Bob, after a few minutes of non-stop full throttle at those machine guns, our left thumb (the one that controls movement) sometimes slips away from the regular area; the game's virtual stick follows your finger around till you stop to lift it up and get back to the regular position. This is a good thing because you won't end up pressing outside of the movement stick. On the other hand, in GUN BROS the virtual sticks won't move around so we need to be a little bit more careful, especially if your hands tend to sweat. But GUN BROS isn’t necessary worse than Guerrilla Bob regarding controls. In fact, I think it's awesome that in GUN BROS you can Walk or Run with your character depending how far from the center of the directional stick you're pressing. For instance, you could press the center of the pad, and slowly start moving outwards: your character would the start to run faster the move you move away from the center. This way you can either move slowly which firing at enemies that are pursuing you but also move slowly, or, if you're running from kamikaze grenade aliens, you can run for your life!

Anyway, there's a lot more to notice about the game's UI (user interface), besides the two said sticks. On the middle of the screen, there's you health bar; bellow it, your experience bar; to the very left of those two bars, you'll see a button with an exclamation mark on it: that calls out a bar with the specialitems that you've purchased (more on this later); to the very right of the health/xp bars, you'll see a button with two arrows: that's used to switch weapons. You can equip up to two different weapon sets before engaging fight and you can quickly switch between them by pressing that button. Top right: your character's avatar. Top left: pause button. All around blue arrows covering the edges of the screen: incoming enemies!

The graphics are very good in my opinion. Not as sharp and shiny as the title in comparison, but they're pretty good nevertheless - Not perfect! Just good... I'm sure you'll have a pretty good idea of GUN BROS' graphic engine after watching the following video.

On the side note: an interesting thing about the game's art is that most menu and loading screens have hot chicks in them. Remember though, bros before ho*s !

Soundtrack: Rock&Roll as much as possible, in every planet of the galaxy! Nothing better than listening to some heavy sounds while controlling a big, scary Gun brother annihilating alien hordes.

GUN BROS Game Modes

Unfortunately, so far, for android users there's only a Single-Player mode. iPhone users get a multiplayer mode where you can connect with a friend controlling your BRO. This is really helpful especially since your friend will be using any gear he might have gathered in his character (weapons, armor, etc).

Since this is about the Android version, let's stick to single-player.

In GUN BROS you start by picking either Francis or Percy. Despite of who you select, the other character will always follow you, helping you out throughout the missions,controlledby the cpu. You travel through several planets of the galaxy, unlocking new planets as you complete the previous' objectives. Missions are composed of several waves of enemies, getting harder and harder as you progress. Upgrading your gear as you move along, to the best that you can purchase, will be necessary for your survival.

For each enemy you kill you earn Xplodium , that you can trade for gold (the game's currency) when you return to the refinery/shop (note: your bro's kills will not award you any Xplodium). You can then use the gold to purchase new weapons, armor, or special items that can be used during action (health boosts, aerial support, etc)

Also, using a weapons also increase in level, up to 3. Using a weapon will earn it experience towards the next level, when it becomes more efficient. The better your weapon, the more time it will require before it levels up.


Free download from Amazon


Is It Really Free?


You can download this game for free, install it for free, and play it for free. There's no premium version of it, this is IT: the full version.

Instead of designing a Demo vs. Full version of the game, the developers added the possibility of purchasing in-game currency with real-life money. That's only useful if you're in hurry and what to buy the best gear straight from level 1, but personally, that just ruins most of the fun: I'd rather go with the flow.

Besides, you will notice several ads saying that you'll earn in-game currency for installing other game's from the same developers: Glue. That's real, you can click those and download other games and you'll be credited for the advertised amount. That already gives you a good boost.

(Disclaimer: Please note that I have not tried all of these developers game so I cannot guarantee there are any paid or harmful apps for your system. Most of them are OK, at least the one's I’ve I’ve tried so far, but install at your own risk.)

Download From The Android Market

Download the free full version for Android devices.
Android Market Link >


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      ziad 5 years ago

      it is so so so so so so so so so so so wonderful