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Angry Birds - Golden Eggs Cheats, Tips and Walkthroughs

Updated on November 15, 2011
Angry Birds - Cheats, Tips and Walkthroughs
Angry Birds - Cheats, Tips and Walkthroughs

Angry Birds, Number 1 iPhone Game!

Angry Birds Cheats, tricks and walkthroughs! Look no further guys, you have come to the right spot to find valuable and factual information. If you are really looking for cheats, like Instant Full Stars Rating, One shot Kill All, or anything along those line, well unfortunately, there isn't such cheat codes like that.

But if you're looking for a complete guide on how to find all the Golden eggs, or you're stuck in a level, you have to continue reading to find out some awesome tips and tricks! For those who don't know what Angry Birds are..I seriously have no comment!
It is the number 1 most purchased game on the Appstore for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch! They're so popular that the developers of the game, Rovio, had extend the game's platform to PC and Mac!

Angry Birds Golden Egg Walkthroughs

Golden Egg - 1

This one is easy. Press pause during gameplay at any level and select '?' which is located on the bottom left of the screen. Continue pressing and the Golden egg will appear on fourth frame near the white bird. A piece of advice, you have to unlock the White bird before you could even see the instruction. Touch the egg to unlock.

Golden Egg - 2

Go to the main menu, tap on the settings icon, followed by the information 'i' icon. Next, scroll all the way down through the credits and you will find your golden egg there.

Golden Egg - 3

Go to level 2-2 and try to hit the Beach Ball!

Golden Egg - 4

Get full stars for every episode of Poached Eggs.

Golden Egg - 5

Go to the right portion of the screen which is located above the rocker ship. Try to zoom out and launch the yellow bird towards the direction. This will cause the screen to move up a bit. Use the white bird and place the bomb to the right side of the wood located on the 1st tower.

Golden Egg - 6

Go to level 1-8, tap on the treasure chest and you will unlock the golden egg. Sometimes you need to continue tapping. Is that simple!

Golden Egg - 7

Get full stars for every episode of Mighty Hoax.

Golden Egg - 8

From the main screen, press 'play'. You will see the sun. Double tap on it and you will find your golden egg!

Golden Egg - 9

Go to level 4-7. Zoom out on the screen and you will see the golden egg positioned right at the top of the hill. Try to hit it with the yellow bird and you will unlock the golden egg!

Golden Egg - 10

Go to level 6-14. Zoom out and you will see a yellow balloon located somewhere near the bottom. Try to burst the balloon with the boomerang green bird!

Golden Egg - 11

From the main menu, select level 3: 'Danger Above'. Scroll all the way to the right and you will find it.

Golden Egg - 12

Get full stars for every episode of Danger Above.

Golden Egg - 13

Go to level 8-15. Zoom all the out and you will see the golden egg located below the slingshot. Use the boomerang bird to hit it.

Golden Egg - 14

This egg can be found in level 9-14. Simply zoom out and you will see the egg under a construction helmet. Well, you know what to do next.. :)

Golden Egg - 15

On level 10-3, hit the duck which is located right under the bridge.

Golden Egg - 16

On level 11-15, zoom out and you will see the golden egg. Use the green bird to hit the golden egg!

Golden Egg - 17

Get full stars for every episode of The Big Setup.

Golden Egg - 18

At level 12-12, hit the golden trophy with yellow bird. It's not as easy as you think. But with a few practice, you'll reach it!

Golden Egg - 19

At level 13-10, zoom out and you will see the golden egg. Use the white bird to drop bomb at the mid section of the stage where there is a concrete block. The white bird will repel and hit the golden egg if you do this precisely.

Golden Egg - 20

This one is fun. Go to level 14-4, and zoom out. You will see the golden egg. Use the yellow bird to hit the egg!

Golden Egg - 21

Finally, for the last golden egg, it can be found at level 15-12, Mine and Dine. Zoom out and you will see the egg located right at the top of the cliff. Use the yellow bird to hit your target.

There you have it guys, your complete guide to unlock all the secret eggs. I hope that you guys find this article useful. Feel free to write a comment below! If you feel like sharing this with your friends, go ahead!

Angry Birds Level Walkthroughs

I know how frustrating it can get when you're stuck at a certain level. Don't worry everyone goes through that phase. Unfortunately, no words can be written on how to guide you through it, because it is not effective!

However, if you do a simple search on youtube, you can find videos on each specific level on how to obtain full stars for it! Simply, type in the level that you're stuck followed by the keyword, 'angry birds walkthrough', e.g " Level 1-1 Angry birds walkthrough", and you will be able to see how the Pros clear that stage.

Follow it! Try to aim for full stars on every level! This is one of the best, yet simple game, ever created! Thank you Rovio!

To make matters easy, you can hop on to Angrybirds Walkthroughs site for detailed walkthroughs!

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