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The T-qualizer illuminating LED T-shirts are simply Awesome! Here's Why!

Updated on July 17, 2011

Awesome T-qualizer T-shirt

That's me with my very first T-qualizer
That's me with my very first T-qualizer

What is the T-qualizer T-shirt?

Well, if you are a geek, you should know it. For the benefits of those who doesn't, a T-qualizer is a T-shirt consisting of an electroluminescent (EL) signage. You may now ask what is an electroluminescent then? Well it is actually the key element that lights up the signage that is integrated to your t-shirt. It consists of a single layer of phosphor which is sandwiched between 2 layers of plastic. As voltage is emitted, the phosphor lights up! Don't worry, you won't get electrocuted because the voltage is really very low.

That's the very geeky meaning of the T-qualizer.

So a T-qualizer T-shirt is a music and sound activated T-shirt that flashes synchronously to the beat of any music.

Need I say more?

The T-qualizer T-shirt are great for parties and concerts. Imagine all the babes that will be checking you out and asking you about your shirt. Sounds like an opportunity for you to get to know her well ey?

If you're a chick, you will definitely have no problem grabbing a guy's attention. Guys simply love girls who are tech-savvy. Wear it! Guys will definitely drool over you. Just try to avoid those that drool too much. They're very likely only experienced with their hands.

Here's a video on how you can get creative with the T-qualizer!


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    • amazonrus profile image

      amazonrus 7 years ago from Earth

      It is! I'm glad you love it

    • profile image

      Handsome Rob 7 years ago

      Truly amazing! Such a geeky piece of art