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Angry Birds Plush Toys - Cute and Cuddly

Updated on January 24, 2013
Angry Birds Plush Toys
Angry Birds Plush Toys

Kids will simply love to receive Angry Birds plush toys in their stocking this year!

And not just kids of course, the whole world is going crazy over those cute little avian dive bombers who are determined to protect their eggs from the nasty Greedy Pigs who are stealing them.

Angry birds plush toys are wonderfully soft and cuddly and suitable for all age groups.

You can buy them in different sizes and they come with or without sound.

While the sound, which is the now-famous sounds from the amazing Angry Birds game adds an authenticity to the product, I should imagine it will become extrmely irritating if you have to listen to it a thousand times a day.

In that case, if you are buying for yourself or your own children, buy them without sound, but if you are buying as a gift for other people, buy them with sound!

Sounds a bit selfish, but that is the way of the world!

I should imagine any child receiving it will be looking for the sound button, because children love to hear as well as see toys, so you will be doing them a favour and buying them a better gift.

Angry Birds plush toys are available for all the Angry Birds characters, including the King Pigs.

Angry Birds Plush Toys at Amazon

Angry Birds the game started life as a phone app for the iphone. Such was its popularity, that demand grew and grew, and now you canplay Angry Birds on your PC.

It has become the most downloaded phone app ever, and is a highly addictive game that everyone, both young and old, wants to play.

The aim of the game is to wipe out the Greedy Pigs by using a sling to catapult the Angry Birds at them.

There is a certain amount of skill involved as the sling has to be aimed and you have to judge the angle as well as strength of the throw to land the Angry Bird in the right place.

The Pigs are always protected by some kind of shield. These are structures around the pigs and some of them are very elaborate and made of wood, brick, rocks or glass.

Each different colored Angry Bird has a different function, and has a different ability to cut through the protectove barrier surrounding the Pigs.

Listen to the Angry Birds Song

The Red Bird Angry Birds are the starter ones on the firing line, although in each level of the game, the order of Angry Birds that appear as your ammunition changes.

The Black Bird Angry Bird is a bomb. It even looks like a bomb, or it could a fat black hen depending on which way you look at it.

Bombs can break through anything!

The Blue Birds sometime split into 3 after you fire them.

Note here: the Blue Bird plush toy does not split into 3, unfortunately.

Blue Birds are smaller but deadlier than a lot of the others. Black Birds still win hands down as the most destructive, but they don't appear all that often.

There are also White Birds, and they do look like hens, and Yellow Birds which are triangular in shape and can slice through almost anything the Greedy Pigs put up as protection.

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