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Angry Birds Puzzles and Games

Updated on December 3, 2012

Younger children can join in theAngry Birds phenomenon even although they too young to play Angry Birds for real on either an iPhone or a PC.

There are some wonderful Angry Birds puzzles and games on the market that is sure to absorb any child in the fun.

This is a great way for kids to learn hand to eye co-ordination, as well as boost their memory powers and their sensory perceptions.

Anything Angry Birdsare the biggest sellers this year, as everyone wants a slice of the action.

Now the toddlers, and pre-schoolers can join in too, with some wonderful Angry Birds board games and puzzles that will keep them occupied for hours.

These will also make great gifts this Christmas, so order early to make sure you don't miss out!

Angry Birds Puzzle 24pc
Angry Birds Puzzle 24pc

The Angry Birds 24 piece puzzles are just the right size for children aged 4 and up.

Brand new for 2011, the manufacturers note that the puzzle you receive may not be the one shown here, but it will be of an Angry Birds picture that will keep your child amused for hours.

The pieces of this jigsaw puzzle are sturdy and large enough for your child to handle easily, and the bright colors of the Angry Birds will help them learn their primary colors and well as developing their perception of what shape fits into another shape.

This is great buy and children love Angry Birds, and will instantly recognize the characters.

Don't be stuck for gift ideas for the children of friends or family.

Buy an Angry Birds puzzle and you just know that the child who receives this as a gift will be over the Moon!

Angry Birds toys, games, puzzles, costumes, cake toppers etc are the hottest item off the shelves this year, so don't let your child miss out.

Mattel Angry Birds 24 Piece Puzzle Scene 2 Pigs Going After Eggs

This is another 24 piece jigsaw puzzle that when it is completed will measure 10" x 13" which is a nice size for a table-top tray that can be easily tidied away afterwards.

The worst thing about small children and jigsaw puzzles is that the pieces get everywhere, even if the child is playing quietly on the floor.

I always found it is better to put the whole puzzle on an ordinary kitchen tray, if it will fit. That way, everything stays tidy and can be easily put aside for later, or put away if the puzzle is completed, without losing any parts.

The scene in this puzzle is of the Greedy Pigs stealing the Angry Birds' eggs.

Angry Birds Card Games

Angry Birds Card Games are advertised for ages 5 and above, simply because there are some small parts which are a choking risk to children under 3.

This game is not very very complex, some people might say it is too easy, but children absolutely love it and that is what it is all about.

The aim of these Angry Birds games is to knock the pigs down, just like in the real game, and to do that you flick the die at the pig after gaining enough points with the cards.

This makes a great gift that all the family can enjoy, or you can leave your kids alone to play knowing it will keep them happy for hours.

This 23 piece puzzle is suitable for children ages 3 - 7.

The completed jigsaw is 10" x 13" and each of the 23 pieces are solidly constructed to survive the rough handling children are likely to given them.

Help the Angry Birds protect their eggs from those Greedy Pigs.

You can do that by just not completing the puzzle so that the pigs are not in the picture, but that defeats the whole object, really.

The Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game is sure to keep your children happy for hours.

Designed for children aged 5 and over, this really is like the phone app Angry Birds game come to life, with

  • a sling
  • three Angry Birds
  • Green Pigs
  • mission cards
  • protective structure pieces

Comes with full instructions on how to play, but based on the real Angry Birds games that people the world over enjoy.

The Knock on Wood Game is for 2 4 players.

Angry Birds games will keep your children amused for hours.

Angry Birds video to listen to


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    • Isabel Melville profile image

      Isabel Melville 6 years ago from Planet Earth

      Good idea, I have a feeling they may well sell out this year. Thanks for commenting :)

    • wavegirl22 profile image

      Shari 6 years ago from New York, NY

      the world is being taken over by these Angry Birds! For sure they are going to be one of the hottest toys for Christmas this year. I better get my orders in now!!!