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PVC Anime Figures and Candy Resin Models

Updated on August 1, 2017
These plastic anime girls are high detail from the skin color to the details in the outfits and accessories.
These plastic anime girls are high detail from the skin color to the details in the outfits and accessories. | Source

Anime Themed Figures

Anime was originally created and aimed at mature entertainment themes and styles in Japan. Over time these cartoons started cleaning up so all ages can enjoy the entertainment. Even though a lot of anime is now clean, there is still a lot of unclean adult content out there (outweighing the clean). This is just a few anime pvc figures that have been cleaned up. PVC anime figures are normally rich in detail and are top notch quality over any other simple action figure. These PVC Anime figures are are great addition to any collection, they are truly wonderful works of art. There are plenty of attractive anime themes out there for any type of person. So why are they so expensive? Here's a few features of these girls.

Miku Figure

These anime figures are  highly detailed and always of the top quality expected.
These anime figures are highly detailed and always of the top quality expected. | Source

Interchangeable Parts

Most anime figures come as is. Some rarely have interchangeable parts, this is normally for figures that have an outstanding reputation, like a figure from a show that sold over a million copies is a good example. Anime Figures with interchangeable parts also are one of the easiest ways to change clothing or to make a model nude just like a barbie doll. Think about how barbies used to be clothed in fabric and how hard is was to get clothes off and on it (im not a girl but its not difficult to imagine). With anime figures normally a whole piece would come off and be replaced by another getting rid all those problems. Sort of like armor going off an on.


I remember when I was 12 I had a spiderman action wouldn't stand up no matter how hard I tried. Most pvc anime figures come with build on stands. These stands are often a great deal with the figure (the stands can become costly if you have many figures, also not all figures are comparable with all stands) and help out your collection in the long run. Some people have one or two, others have hundreds of these models. The most annoying part of them are displaying them safely and uncluttered.

Candy Resin

Candy resin is the newest type of technology for these anime figures. This resin is made in a way that it is stronger then normal resin and see through. This is truly a great innovation that helps not only make transparent clothing, but it helps keep small parts and things like weapons stay together. Some anime have floating magic pieces for example in the middle of a staff, this can now be attached with an invisible resin making the effect look like its floating. There is more uses for candy resin on these figures then one would think.

Last but not least, Interchangable Parts

Some anime figures are only classified adult because they contain interchangeable parts that children and infants can swallow.. Any kind of gore, violence, cursing on clothing, or any other type of degree of adult is ignored except the ability for the figure to be nude. While this hub focuses on anime female figures, there are also male ones on the market with what I assume is the same high quality and specifications of the females (just there are less then 1/10th the amount of males as there are females).

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Large Collection of Cute/Hot/Sexy Anime Figures

Hopefully you enjoyed this hub about anime figures. Even if you don't currently own any anime figures in 2018 you can always start! Lots of the figures have specific run numbers and once they are gone they are gone. The older and more rare the higher in value they go! I have many other articles here that I hope you'll check out, learning about things is never a crime!

The anime figures and comments are up there ....

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