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Buy Bakugan Aranaut Online

Updated on January 4, 2014
Blue Aquos Aranaut 650G
Blue Aquos Aranaut 650G

Aranaut is a bakugan with a human – knight form, and is the basic recruit of the Neathian army. He looks a bit similar to Akwimos and Linehalt in ball form (pop-up body, arms on side, head on top, etc.) only the arms are much bigger and looked more protected with armor. Aranaut also has a round head, a diamond on his chest, and two long feet. He is a bakugan that is seen battling very often, such as in episode 19, where he battled alongside Akwimos against Sabator and Linehalt. However, this battle ended quickly due to the sacred orb. Otherwise, Aranaut was a good match for both Sabator and Linehalt. 

Battle Crusher on Aranaut - Haos
Battle Crusher on Aranaut - Haos

Aranaut Is A Good Fighter

Aranaut was said to previously be the guardian bakugan of Fabia’s fiancé, but he disappeared and was captured by Gundalians. In general, Aranaut has a good reputation, only loosing one or two times. He has many ability cards, and uses his battle gear (battle crusher), often in battle. He comes in all attributes except for Subterra, which is not a common characteristic for many new bakugan today. His G-power is fairly high, from 620 (Ventus BakuTriad), to 810 (BakuShadow). You can see other G-powers on Bakugan Wiki.

Aranaut in Monster Form
Aranaut in Monster Form

Aranaut's Battle Gear: Battle Crusher

Aranaut’s battle gear is one of the strangest: a twisty looking strap with electric currents connecting them. Battle Crusher in ball form is a coin-shaped center with two long arms sticking out, making it a non-symmetrical battle gear. Like Akwimos, Aranaut flips down his side arms forward to make room to the battle gear. Aranaut is a Bakugan that is also seen in New Vestroia, in episode 43 at first, and was later modified to be a Gundalian Invaders Bakugan. Despite his early release, he carries a DNA code to bakugan dimensions, and it is considered a powerful battler in close-range.  Aranaut is an uncommon bakugan since its release, but is just as powerful and popular as the others. Overall, Aranaut is an exceptional bakugan that I would recommend buying.

Aranaut Gate Card: Aranauts Turf
Aranaut Gate Card: Aranauts Turf
Aranaut Ability Card
Aranaut Ability Card

Aranaut's Ability Cards in Episodes

  • Mirage Up
  • Vector Fist
  • Mirage Fist
  • Mirage Jet
  • Light Wave
  • Valkyrie Fist (Support Light)
  • Dual Commando
  • Spiral Glowdown
  • Fist Alley
  • Jumpy Mirage
  • Aurora Impact

And of course, Aranaut has his own ability card


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