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ArcheAge multi-instrument phonograph crafting guide with sound demo

Updated on December 11, 2014

ArcheAge multi-instrument crafting guide

Out of all of the ArcheAge phonographs, this one's one of the fun ones. This particular phonograph is great for social gatherings in-game like at the guild bar and such.

This instrument has four songs to play, and none of the four are actual songs per say. The first track is just the sound of applause for a few seconds. The second sound is the sound of a crown booing or jeering. The third noise is a dog barking. Last, the fourth noise is a duck quacking.

None of these noises are exceptionally amazing, but the cheering and jeering are perfect when friends do or say something good or bad. Overall this is a fun social instrument, but not something to sit around alone while playing on it.

Video crafting guide for the multi-instrument phonograph

How to make a ArcheAge's multi-instrument phonograph

In order to craft a multi-instrument phonograph, a few different components are required. Honestly these instruments cost between 100 and 200 gold generally, maybe more if there's bad inflation someday.

In order to create this instrument players need the following materials:

  • 1x Nuri forest lumber
  • 30x Starshard ingots
  • 20x Emerald
  • 1x Spruce hardwood
  • 1x Exquisite diaphragm

The exquisite diaphragm can be crafted at a carpentry table under the "machining" section, and then under the "components" section. The exquisite diaphragm requires the following materials:

  • 5x Gold ingot
  • 3x Amethyst
  • 2x Diamond
  • 1x Viscous glossy oil

Overall the entire instrument generally costs over 100 gold, even if making all the materials by hand. This ArcheAge instrument is awful to craft, just like all the other phonographs.

The exquisite diaphragm is generally inexpensive at around 20-40 gold to craft, rarely more. The diamonds can skyrocket in price sometimes, and same for the viscous glossy oil. Generally the prices don't vary too much, but it can happen.

As for the multi-instrument phonograph's materials, the Nuri forest lumber is everything. Sometimes the spruce hardwood can be expensive, but the starshard ingots and the emeralds can generally be bought for less than 50s each, sometimes each cheaper. Some servers they might be expensive, but with some patience they can generally be found below 1 gold.

Artistry Workbench screenshot

Where to craft the multi-instrument phonograph

In order to actually craft this instrument players will need to find an "artistry workbench" which can generally be found in any major city. Under artistry there will be a tab called "instruments" which is where the phonographs as well as the sovereign's piano reside. Crafting this instrument only costs 20 labor too, which isn't bad considering how much gold it costs.

As for the exquisite diaphragm, it can be crafted any carpentry workbench, regal or not. it's under the machining tab, and then components. It requires it's own set of materials as stated above, and usually is worth crafting. Exquisite diaphragms generally aren't too expensive to make, but again, the Nuri forest lumber is extremely expensive.

ArcheAge multi-instrument phonograph sound demo

Pro's and Con's of the multi-instrument phonograph

Honestly the absolute biggest pro for this ArcheAge phonograph is the fact that it's so compact. Some phonograph's, like ArcheAge's self-winding phonograph, are giant and take up too much space.

Another good positive for this phonograph is that it's fun to use socially, which is really the only point of having phonograph's, since they don't produce that great of sound. There is however a portable phonograph with some amazing built in songs.

As for cons, this instrument just doesn't have enough function for the price, they always cost at least 100 gold to make, and they're not all that great in return for it. If someone were to spend the money they'd be better off with a percussion drum pack which is much easier to use socially.

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