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Awesomenauts: Froggy G- Simple Build and Tactics

Updated on September 5, 2012

This hub will be all about a simple build for Froggy G in Awesomenauts. By a simple build I mean that it will only use the first four abilities for each set of upgrades so that the build will work for anyone of any level.

Froggy G

Froggy G has 2 abilities, Splash Dash and Tornado Attack, and a blaster attack and can play as him from the very start. He is a very strong character and I find that if I am not playing with friends then I can still do really well with Froggy G and win the majority of my matches. For this build I will only involve the first 4 abilities in each row of the load out menu.

Splash Dash

This will be the only ability that you really use until late game if you play using this build. The upgrades that will be used in this build are: Hydro Splash, Ice Cubes and Golden Watch. Hydro Splash makes your Splash Dash deal more damage than the 25 start damage. This will not really be upgraded until late game. Ice Cubes increases the stun duration of Splash Dash which is essential as enemies can be stunned for long enough to be taken from max health to no health if you have a team mate with you. The Golden Watch is also very useful because it decreases the cool down and without it enemies can escape very easily without you stunning them.


Tornado will only be upgraded in the very late game if you have some points to spare. Tornado can deal a lot of damage but with this build you are focused a lot on your blaster and Splash Dash so Tornado will take a back seat. The upgrades that you have in this build are: Turbo Tape, Can’t Touch This! and Bio Fuel Cells. Turbo Tape will make you move from below normal speed whilst in Tornado to much faster than normal speed. It is great for catching up on enemies and will also prevent enemies from escaping whilst still doing a lot of damage. Can’t Touch This! is almost essential for Tornado as it creates a damage absorbing shield because I find that I lose health very quickly whilst in Tornado mode and this prevents it. Bio Fuel Cells gives you more time in Tornado mode which is very useful because it means more damage, a longer shield and longer moving really quickly.


The Blaster is the main thing to be upgraded in this build, at least at the start of the game and, after getting stun duration for Splash Dash and Speed will be all you focus on really. The upgrades for your Blaster will be: Swirling Octopus Cartridges, Piranha Cartridges and Mutant Worms. Swirling Octopus Cartridges is very important because it increases the range of your shots and, seeing as your range is quite poor, this helps a lot. Piranha Cartridges increases damage which is useful for any ability as it will get you more kills. Mutant Worms increases attack speed which will also help you a lot in getting more kills. Your Blaster becomes very effective, dealing 12 damage per shot which can help to take down an opponent’s health rapidly.


The universal upgrades, for me, are the same for most characters. I use Power Pills Turbo, Space Air Max and Solar Tree. Power Pills Turbo helps you get more health for the later part of the game when enemies start to deal lots of damage. Space Air Max is almost essential for Froggy G as it helps you to chase down enemies a lot but, also, lets you jump really high and it is very useful not having to jump from platform to platform to reach an opponent like Yuri.

Order of Upgrade

As Froggy G I get Solar Tree first then kill a few neutral critters for a bit more points and as soon as I have 135, I teleport back and get Splash Dash. I then proceed to get the first Ice Cubes, then Space Air Max, followed by maxing out Ice Cubes. After this I work on maxing out my Blaster, starting with Octopus, then Piranha and finally Worms. After this I start to do some work on the cool down of Splash Dash and after that you can either increase the damage of Splash Dash or get Maximum Health. It is up to you. For the Tornado you should get Can’t Touch This then Turbo Tape and, if the game is a long one, Bio Fuel Cells.


As Froggy G you come into your own in the late game, once you have a maxed out blaster. Before that just try and stun targets when they are being shot by a turret and add a little of your own fire power to it at the same time. Once your blaster is maxed out you will become a true force to be reckoned with and, mixed in with a long stun, can take on any characters, even someone with lots of health like Clunk. Do not try and stay in the fight for too long though as Froggy G has one of the smallest health bars and, until you max out Power Pills Turbo, he is a rather fragile character. Remember that Splash Dash can also give you an edge in terms of speed over characters and, when I am feeling especially cheeky, I sometimes turn around with the Splash Dash, stunning the opponent and then running in the opposite direction. I find that this infuriates people a lot and makes them RAGE!

Do you prefer Splash Dash or Tornado?

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