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Battlefield 1 Cavalry: Tip and Tricks

Updated on March 9, 2018


Hello everyone! Krampus here. I'm an avid gamer who has been playing installments of the Battlefield franchise for over ten years. I've been considering sharing some of my gaming tips and tricks for some time. But I've decided that it's time to begin. I'll be narrating my videos starting very soon. But for now, I hope that you enjoy both this video and this accompanying article. Let's get going!

When playing Battlefield 1, it is always important to keep your head on a swivel. Constantly. Always be completely aware of everything that is going on around you. If you as a player can keep this up throughout every match, you will more then likely find that your Kill/Death ( K/D) ratio will improve dramatically. Now, this cannot be overstated. Especially when you spawn into a match on horseback. As a cavalry rider, you absolutely need to constantly keep moving the camera around ( even so that your camera is in fact facing in a completely different direction then the one in which you are riding). In this video, you will see me do this. I'm always panning the camera to the right, to the left, looking up into the sky for aerial threats. And as you can see, I used this to my advantage several times. I'm aware of where my team members are, what they're doing, what objectives my team is holding/capturing. But perhaps even more importantly, I spotted several threats from the enemy team that I might not have seen had I just left the camera directly behind my avatar. Now, in the video, you will see me immediately start to do this. And what was the first thing that I saw? I saw an enemy heavy bomber making it's way slowly through the sky. You might ask, " Why is this important?". Well, it is important to consider the fact that this bomber ( although seemingly slow and cumbersome) has the capability to cause substantial damage to your friendly team. It can destroy several infantry, vehicles, and wipe out an entire objective of friendly personnel. It is also important to keep in mind that sometimes even extremely random shots ( even from handguns ) can kill enemy players and vehicles from long range. So ( in the video ), you'll see me immediately take a few shots at the enemy bomber just in the random chance that one of my shots will take out the enemy pilot and down the entire bomber ( which is something that I have done in the past).

After that, you will see me move towards an objective to take it. Now, when taking objectives from horseback, it is important to keep moving constantly. The objective that you're trying to take might be small. On horseback, you might not be able to ride full-speed while still staying within the objective area. However, you don't want an enemy sniper take you out from across the map, do you? Do you want to make yourself an easy target for an enemy attack plane? Of course not! So always keep moving. In the video, you see me moving around, even swinging my spear around like a moron. But was I an easy target to the enemy forces? A skilled sniper could have taken me out. But not every enemy sniper has the practice necessary to easily take out a constantly moving cavalryman.
Next, I want to focus your attention on the fact that in Battlefield 1, it is necessary to use tactics and to continually change what you are doing based upon what the enemy forces are doing. To be exceedingly successful at dominating every match that you are in, you need to improvise. Always change up your playing style based upon how the enemy players in your match are playing. Are they just running straight at the objectives? Is half their team hanging back on the far side of the map as snipers? Are they primarily trying to take objectives by using vehicles? If so, are they using these vehicles wisely? Or are they just driving in circles without purpose? I could keep going and going. That being said, let's go back to the main topic of this article. Playing Battlefield One from horseback. I've played BF1 in this role very successfully. And I've found that how I play as a cavalryman varies greatly depending upon which map I spawn into. In the video, I'm in Sinai Desert ( one of the best in my humble opinion). In this map, I've found that cavalry are highly successful at running interference in the desert ( between objectives D, F, G, and A.) This might seem simple. But actually, quite a lot of improvisation and tactics come into play. To successfully run interference between the enemy forces and your own teammates in this area, you want to keep enemy snipers from being able to set up in the desert dunes, you want to constantly harass enemy vehicles whenever they try to travel through the area, you want to take out any enemy infantry in the area, and you want to always take out any enemy cavalryman that are trying to do the same thing you are....

In the video, you will see me doing what I mentioned above. An unfortunate enemy pilot parachutes down in the desert between objectives D and G. Does he pose a serious threat to your team? Yes! He might have spotting flares equipped ( which could effectively highlight all your teammates around an objective which could turn the tables completely for the entire match!) Immediately considering all this in a matter of seconds, I attack and take him out. Shortly afterwards, you'll notice that I come under fire from enemy snipers on top of a rock. They might think that they're safe from me. But what tools do we have as a cavalryman? Quite a few! We even have light anti-tank grenades ( which can be thrown with accuracy over a significant range). So you'll see me throw two of these up to the rock. I wasn't counting on getting any kills. I was just hoping to displace them and get them to reconsider staying up on the rock ( they could have killed several of my teammates from up there).

Throughout the rest of the video, you can see that I kept this up for quite awhile. But nobody's perfect. At the end, I made a bad choice. I rode too close to an area that I knew was highly saturated with enemy infantry who had access to excellent cover/concealment from which they could easily engage me. If I hadn't made this mistake, I could have stayed on horseback throughout the rest of the match.
In the near future when I get the proper equipment ( I'm in the process of setting it up ), I will simply narrate my videos instead of writing articles such as this one ( I'm aware of the many grammatical errors that I've made! ). But I wanted to get started with my gaming tips and tricks. I wanted to start sharing my knowledge of the Battlefield!

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Special thanks to DICE and EA for creating and supporting such a great game!


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