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Updated on January 8, 2010

What's so special about bees? Why we need them or avoid them? Bees is an insect with his own armor as protection from predators. They were everywhere, among trees, shrubs, rocks and most of all... flowers. Pollination process cannot be completed without them. There was a give-and-take relationship between them. The bees will extract nectar then do the pollinating of the flowers to form into fruits. They were dependent to each other.

The honey you are seeping at home and used as additive to your prepared menu of the day came from them. It was good and appetizing putting in sliced bread with cheese on it.

This was one of the wonders of nature necessary for the completion of a task to let others live. The sweetness of the fruits were the end-result of the pollinating activity. The vegetables you were using in your kitchen were also dependent from this tiny creatures.

But there was also another side of them that we have to keep our eyes open. We cannot be near them. The painful prick of needles at their behind can put you writhing in pain. That's the disadvantage.

In our own backyard surrounded tall grasses, fruit trees and scented flowers, bees can easily wander there. We should be more careful going somewhere among the flowers and fruiting trees.

This wayward bee can sting you painfully hitting you with his stinger. If you are attack by more bees the more stingers can penetrate your skin. Some will have fever because of the venom.

How can to do a precautionary measures to avoid to be stung. There are some reminders you can do for this kind of situation.

-Bees are attracted to perfumes. Avoid baring your skin outside your home. If possible, wear a proper dress without using smelly substances when roaming around.

-Avoid having too much movement. Your vibration will bring to the attention of the bees near you.

-Be observant of any buzzing sound especially those planted with flowers where bees were confined.

-If you do a house cleaning chore outside your house, wear long pants and sleeves, it is effective.

-You can use gloves in doing the weeding of your plants. Use hat to protect you from the heat of the sun and your protection against them.

-If you are near them, avoid doing rush movement. Move slowly out of her way.

-Walking barefoot among the grasses is risky. You don't know this bees are in the ground looking something appealing to their smell.

-Avoid wearing dress with bright colors. Just wear a clothes that are ordinary with no perfumes.

-It is better if your house has screen windows and doors to protect you and your children if the can enter to your house unnoticed.

If you are attacked by bees, take cover and lie low. Protect your face from stingers. This is a very vulnerable spot to be hit. If you already safe, slowly remove the stingers. Let the blood out from your skin to minimize the effect of the venom. Apply an ointment intended for insect sting then have your medication to reduce the pain.

In case of fever, a proper treatment from medical clinic is most advisable.


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