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BJD Terms and Meanings

Updated on January 27, 2014
fraternal twins Malcolm and Madison
fraternal twins Malcolm and Madison

As a ball-jointed doll collector, you might already be familiar with some of the terms being used in this hobby. However, like me, even though I'm in this hobby for two years now, there are still terms in the doll collecting world that I'm not familiar with. So I did a little bit of research and familiarize myself so that I know what my co-doll collector is referring to when we're on a discussion regarding our dolls.

Without further ado, here are the words and corresponding meanings related to ball-jointed doll hobby:

Terms and Meanings

ABJD or BJD- Asian ball-jointed doll/ball-jointed doll (dolls that have ball and socket joints)

SD - Super Dollfie. Their size is also referred as 1/3 scale ranging from 58-70cm

MSD - Mini Super Dollfie. Their size is also refered as 1/4 scale ranging from 42-45cm

YoSD - about 25cm height. Their size is also referred as 1/6 scale.

Tinies - smaller than YoSD, height ranging 25cm below.

Sculpt - type of doll's name given by the doll manufacturer or company

BJD size comparison
BJD size comparison

Face-up - for humans, we apply "make-up" to highlight our facial features. In the bjd world the equivalent of that is "face-up" There are several materials used inorder to do this like soft pastels, acrylic or watercolor paint, air-brush etc.

Faceplate - Some dolls are created with different facial expressions and instead of creating another head for that, some doll companies have an option for heads that has interchangeable faceplates that can be snapped easily to the head. Think of ironman placing his mask.

Headcap - the top part of a doll's head that can be removed in order for you to see the inside of the head (placing doll's eyes, the hook connecting the head to the body).

MSC - Mr. Super Clear. A protective coating that you can spray to your doll before applying faceup or body blushing. Some MSC have UV protection

Reshell - changing the whole doll (full doll) but keeping the same character of your old one. Usually reshelling is done when the old one is already too old to use (yellowing, can no longer pose even though it has been restrung several times etc.)

Body Blushing - Like face-up, this is to highlight features of the body to make it look real.

Restringing - Changing the strings that holds the doll parts together to fix and improve its posture.

Wiring - Somehow similar with restringing. This one is inserting a coated wire into the doll's joints that helps with the doll's posing ability.

Eye Wells - located inside doll's head where you place doll eyeballs with putty.

Eye Putty - also called a tack adhesive that has a texture similar to a clay. It is used together with doll eyes in order to place it properly on the eye wells without causing it to move.

Sueding - the process in which you place a pliver sued to improve doll posing. This is usually placed in the ball and socket joint.

Doll meets - this is a "meet-up" or gathering organized for doll-owners and their dolls.

Dolpa - Doll party. An event organize by Volks - a big doll company from Japan which occurs more than once a year usually in Tokyo.

I hope that I was able to enlighten some of you current and future doll-owners with the terms you usually see being used by bjd hobbyist. If you have other terms that you think i wasn't able to cover, feel free to add it up in the comments below.


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