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Babies First Doll

Updated on April 26, 2017

Early Childhood Education Touch and Taste

A baby,s first doll
A baby,s first doll

A Defining Name

  • "Babies First Doll" is a defining name given to the toy as a description of what the object is; it is an interesting time of baby's life receiving her first baby doll to toy with. A colorful soft and friendly animal toy will now be within reach to attract the infant to easily bond with it. Its size and features makes it a suitable toy for baby to desire. As she cuddles it her sentiment will grow towards it for what it is, "an animal toy”. This toy will significantly play a part in her life how she will respond to animals later in her life.
  • The baby's doll is an object of comfort both to the infant as well as to the parents. One of the first thrills of a five months old baby is learning to curve the fingers to clasp and hold objects within reach especially a toy that will likely become her playmate to toy with during infancy. Not only is baby thrilled, but mom and dad are equally excited to watch the development of their baby as she begins to reach for things curiously, and excitingly discovering herself.
  • The human realism features in a doll is relevantly meaningful to the baby in oppose to that of any other animal species. Even at a very young age baby learns the difference between a toy Cat or Giraffe, and her baby doll. When expose to these different toys Mother can observe baby's preferred toy by her affection towards it. Parents can also aid a young child to be selective of their toy by offering two to her/him of different kinds of toy. If this is done you will recognize the development of the child's intelligence in her choice even though it may not be vocal.

Bonding and Learning by Touch and Taste

  • Discovering:
  • How compatible is the #Baby #Doll to the infant? In terms of softness the toy is made to be as soft as the baby's body, though not flesh and blood but the most soothing material that baby may embrace without being hurt, the interior of a soft toy #doll is of soft fiber soft to the touch and smooth. When against the body warmth is generated, this makes it easy for baby to cuddle up against a soft toy doll to feel some warmth and solace in connecting with the toy. Because babies like to be warm any toy object that provides warmth they are likely to embrace it and bond with it. It may not even be a toy but something that is close to them, a pillow or blanket can become very special as much as a famous bear doll, dressed up to look like a child in clothing with a cool harmless face.
  • The Benefits:
  • Who does benefit mostly from a #safe #toy in the family? Some would say that baby does, some think both parents and baby do benefit. For baby it is a pleasurable and safe toy to enjoy and discover while growing, it is designed to attract the infant. If the toy is a human realism type it will have relevant features to benefit the growing child in learning some of the basic things a mom generally teaches when relating to the body parts of a child. A doll can be very helpful to educate the developing child about herself. Parents do find peace of mind in knowing that a toy is safe for their child at play; more so when the features of the toy make contribution to the child’s learning development. Most parents may even dare to protect and preserve the toy for future reference for their child. Young children are very sentimental about objects they bond with in their early years which seems to become a part of them for a long time.

Tears Are Language

Crying baby demands attention
Crying baby demands attention | Source

Tearful Babies Love Being Pampered

  • Babies are tearful and love being pampered, tears are their language for getting attention. They are fearful, and needs to be pampered at all times to overcome their fears. Attachment is a major part of their life because they are totally dependent on the care of others to survive. Crying and tears are the languages by which they express their discomfort, sometimes mother’s hands would like a substitute to solace her crying child, or something to cradle her to sleep. Some infants more so boys develop the habit to cuddle a blanket or a pillow they have become attached to. Similar a baby girl’s baby doll becomes the perfect object to cuddle, as the teardrops falls upon that object, she’ll bury her little head and fall asleep upon the object of comfort and warmth.
  • Mothers do always interpret the crying language of a baby right at the fist time he or she cries, it takes several guesses at time to figure out the reason for the cry, but as the cry frequency continues she'll begin to learn the differences in the prolonging, and sounds, if it is sleep time the sound is different, if its meal time the sound is different, if its frigt or loneliness the sounds are different, babies do have their way of getting attention when they want to; they also decide when to play with their toys.

Baby's First Doll


Do you consider toys made of cloth to be the safest toys for young children.

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    • Lucildoll profile imageAUTHOR

      Lucilda Evans 

      3 years ago from Ajax, Ontario

      Thank you Vishal for your expression and admiration; best wishes in all your endeavours.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I am so so proud to call you my sister! You have such an inliedrbce talent. Yay for finally having a blog! Your passion is seen in each and everyone of your photos. I look up to you I'm so many ways and hope to someday have a job that I enjoy as much as you enjoy yours. I love you with all of my heart!


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