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Baby Einstein dvd collection Recall, Why moms can get over $60 bucks back!!!

Updated on July 2, 2015
Baby Einstein cove
Baby Einstein cove

News to the public: Baby Einstein videos do not make your kid smart! I'm not sure what to think of this huge recall of Baby Einstein DVDs. But I take it, and so should you. According to you can get refund for up to 4 dvds per household bought between June June 5, 2004 and Sept. 5, 2009. Catch is that you have to return them to the company. They pay you $15.99 per dvd so if my calculating works you can get back almost $64! You get until March 10th 2010 to return these dvds. So go dig your closets..

Anyway you look at it, this is a huge setback for the Walt Disney Company, New York Times article states that Walt Disney has been selling over 200 million worth of Baby Einstein products annually.

This recall was a big win for Susan Linn, director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood. She has been stating that baby videos are not educational for years. Maybe she can sleep little better now while kids are back watching Sesame Street instead of Baby Einstein? Who knows..

I personally don't think these products are "bad" for anyone, if you want to recall something, let's look at those video games "targeted" for teens with all that shooting and killing involved... Just my opinion.

Do you agree with this recall?

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    • profile image

      janet 8 years ago

      are vhs tapes eligible, too?