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Bakugan Gorem, Hammer Gorem, Quakix Gorem Bakugan Toy

Updated on January 5, 2014
Red Pyrus Quakix Gorem 850G, Top View
Red Pyrus Quakix Gorem 850G, Top View


Gorem is a very old bakugan seen only in Old Vestroia and in a few late episodes of New Vestroia. He was not a very popular bakugan, even he is retired and no longer being sold as a primary bakugan today, it is still sold for less compare to other old bakugan toys. I basically dislike Gorem because he does not have a high G-power, and he doesn’t have a unique body shape, especially the one we have is in B1 size which makes it less desirable. In ball form, Gorem has a small head that has little details, a huge arm that sticks out, and a large shield Gorem used mainly to block out attacks.

Gorem and Hammer Gorem

Blue Aquos Gorem 480G
Blue Aquos Gorem 480G
Bronze Hammer Gorem
Bronze Hammer Gorem

Apart from this, it also has two feet, but it barely adds any balance or details to the bakugan. The colors can be blue, white, red, and brown, nothing in black Darkus and gray Haos. The G-power ranges from 250 to 530 with the Darkus holds the lowest level. He is said to be very powerful, and to have high defense. Gorem has also been sold as a keychain bakugan. Like other bakugan toy, it can open on a gate card and battle, but it also has a chain connected to it to clip to your belt. Generally, unless you are trying to complete your collection, I don’t think Gorem is worth getting.

Hammer Gorem

The next evolution of Gorem is a bakugan called Hammer Gorem. It is basically a remake of Gorem, and has the same body shape, but the arms are different. Instead of having large hands that extend out, Hammer Gorem has two short stubby hands that are attached to the main body. Around them there are two pieces that look like two opened arms about to hug somebody or when closed they are supposed to protect Hammer Gorem. There are two thin extending plates that come out of the front of the bakugan when opened, and there is a large hood opens as well. Hammer Gorem is available in almost all attributes, plus white/pearl and Bronze, which are the two most special. Aquos attribute is made as green Gorem, although it doesn't look very special, they are relatively rare. There is no blue Hammer Gorem on the market.

I'd like to talk about the color arrangement for each attribute. The color of head and arms for pearl and Subterra is green , the Gray Haos's is blue, the red Pyrus' is silver, green Aquos' is red. The bronze version is unique in this case, it is made gold for the head and black for the rest. The G-power ranges from 400 to 870 which is held by the Aquos version.

Red Pyrus Quakix Gorem 850G
Red Pyrus Quakix Gorem 850G

Quakix Gorem

The newest and best release of Gorem is Quakix Gorem, which is a BakuTremor bakugan. Like Quake Dragonoid, Quakix Gorem has the ability to vibrate when opened. The top of the bakugan has a small crank that you must turn a few times in order for it to shake. The look of the bakugan is very impressive. It has a strange looking head that pops out of the front. There are two small hands that come from the side of the bakugan. The back of Quakix Gorem is complex, with two objects sticking out, and a lot of mechanics. The G-power is very high, 850 for Pyrus, and 840 for Ventus. I don’t believe there are any other attributes out there, although Subterra is the main attribute. In Bakugan Dimensions, Quakix Gorem doesn’t look alike to Gorem. It has a turtle-like form, and has spikes covering the body. It is hard to find Quakix Gorem online, and I don't believe it is being sold in stores. Overall, I think Quakix Gorem is definitely worth getting, even at higher price.

Overall, bronze hammer Gorem, pearl hammer Gorem, and Quakix Gorem all make great gifts.


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