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Bakugan Hawktor

Updated on January 5, 2014
Crimson Pearl Ventus Hawktor 850G
Crimson Pearl Ventus Hawktor 850G

Hawktor is a unique bakugan battle brawler with a hawk and human appearance. Although he is not very impressive in strength, it is very skillful in aerial combat and dodging attacks from an opponent. Having the knowledge from its master, he has also acquired some basic martial art attacks.

Translucent Darkus Hawktor 800G
Translucent Darkus Hawktor 800G
My 670G Gray Haos Hawktor Source:
My 670G Gray Haos Hawktor Source:

He can hold massive, unstable battle gear and still be able to manage it. This is because this bakugan’s base is quite spread out. The G-power can range from around 650 to 900G's. Ventus is the most common attribute contained within Hawktor and it has a power level of 850G. A special case: the crimson and pearl version that people in general think as Pyrus Hawktor actually has Ventus as its attribute therefore has G power of 850 as well; the Darkus version has 800G including the Darkus translucent one; and Haos has relatively the lowest G-power level that can be as low as 650G's, the higher one has 670G, that is what I currently own. Hawktor can also come in BakuMorph, which is a valuable warrior.

Hawktor in Episodes

Hawktor's appearances were at episode 1, 8, 11, 14, 20, 24, and 25. He was seen in episode 8 and battled Avior and Venoclaw with Drago and succeeded. At first, Drago was being attacked by Venoclaw, and was about to be beaten, but Hawktor blocked his attack with an ability card. The following ability hit them both, but Hawktor used another powerful ability, and Drago did the same. Together, they beat Venoclaw and injured Avior. He was also seen in episode 11 and battled alongside Neo Ziperator against Linehalt and Plitheon. Their scores were even at 900G each, and Hawktor was the last to contribute a defensive ability. He did not do much else for that round. On the second round, Hawktor didn’t use any ability, and was defeated with Linehalts’ battle gear. This proves that Hawktor is not very powerful, but can still do some damages.

His main battle gear is Swayther. He has two flip-up legs and two wings that have wired sword tip like looking details on the front of the wings. He has a hawk/ninja like head. His main abilities are Bolting Fang Slug Shot, Ninja Defense Wild Wind Dance, Sky Fang Cyclone Soar, Ninja Defense Spiral Twister, Ninja Comet Streamer, and Sky Fang Thunder Sterion. His attribute is Ventus and his G-power is 900g. Hawktor can be found in Deka version as well as BakuMorph.


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