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Buy Bakugan Warius & Siege Bakugan Toy Online

Updated on January 3, 2014
Aquos Warius
Aquos Warius


Warius is an old Vestroia bakugan with a pure human body. In ball form, Warius has two short arms that stick out from the body, and the head pops out of the hollow core. His physical strength is higher than most bakugan, and he uses a large two-sided mace to attack enemies. He can be found in a few attribute such as Darkus, Pyrus, Aquos, and Haos. There is also a rare pearl Warius. Currently, they are no longer being sold in stores, and can only be found on eBay, Amazon, and very few other web sites. Therefore, they are considered rare and definitely have collectible values. Darkus has the G power of 580, 600, and 620G; red Pyrus has a much wider range from as low as 370G to 650G, there are actually 6 different G powers for Pyrus version, including 370, 380, 400, 510, 570, and 650, plus a special tan Pyrus version available at 400 and 700G - the highest in Warius, it is kind of rare but not uncommon for the old Vestroia bakugan; green Ventus has two G levels of 510 and and 600; blue Aquos seems to have only one G level of 560, at least that is what I can find; gray Haos nearly has the same number of G-power as Pyrus, it has 300, 390, 460, and 560; tan Subterra Warius also has multiple G's of 470, 510, and 600; the most rare is the Haos pearl, which has only one G power of 490. Although I don’t really like Warius for its simple shape, it is still a high quality bakugan and has lots of power. Warius has a few ability and gate cards like its character card, and only one ability from the anime, that is Ring of Fire. It subtracts just 50G's from the opponent, so it is not very powerful. Warius is considered one of the toughest bakugan in the show at close-range combat. Also, Warius is not very stable, but I really like the precision in the detailing. It can come in both B2 and B1. The top half of the bakugan is springy, and can be pushed down easily. Overall, I would not recommend buying Warius as an individual gift, but he is always a good bakugan to have in your collection. Warius is more valuable in pearl and clear. There are sellers offer clear version of Warius, but so far only with fake G's like 980.

Siege, Deka Siege

Siege, often misspelled as Seige, is a bakugan closely related to Warius. He also has a humanoid shape, and a significant amount of power. Although when released he was not considered very popular, he was very unusual, only limited numbers out for sale, pretty much online since I haven't seen one sold in local stores like many other bakugan toy. In ball form, Siege has a pop-out head, and two arms that flip out like Dragonoid's wings. Also, it looks like he has four feet, but the two pairs of supporters are actually connected, unlike Mantris'. The head looks alike in the Anime as well as the ball form. I believe it was released only in series 1. Series 1 version has smaller size, and G power from the early release is also lower as they are no higher than 440's, but later released ones have relatively higher G power but still they are under 600. Siege can come in all attributes. Ventus, Aquos and Darkus are most commonly found today, G power ranges from 350 to 580G, and Darkus appears to the G power of 350, 360, 400, and 440. Ours is black Darkus 360G since it is an early version. You can find them on ebay and amazon, as well as very few other online stores. A translucent and pearl Siege are hard to come around, if you see one, I would strongly recommend buying it since it adds great value to your bakugan collection. Deka Siege is also made available, you can still find it online.


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