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Bakugan Battle Gear: Lashor & Vilantor

Updated on January 4, 2014
Silver Lashor
Silver Lashor


Lashor is a rather new type of battle gear. When opened, it looks almost exactly like Vilantor, but it is used as a sub-terra battle gear and has spikes around the turbines. In the show, it looks like turbines on a plane attached to a wing. It’s pretty hard to close because of all the parts, but after a while it becomes easy. There is also a good chance it could fall of after opening because it is so unstable with a large upper body and barely any support.

Lashor was released just before Gundalian invaders, and was seen many times in the anime. It is considered a powerful laser weapon. The G power for copper version of Lashor is 100, while silver is 90G. Gold is currently not available for some reason. Lashor is owned by Mason Brown. It uses the large size driving pods and the large-size drill shoots out and attacks the opponent. The drill attacks the ground and destroys the opponent's gate card. It's ability Card is Lashor Heavy Striker which subtracts 400 G's from each opponent and adds 400 G's to Lashor. In episode 8, Lashor was battling against Hawktor and Helix Dragonoid. Even though he lost, he put up a very good fight with Avior. He also battled in episode 15, but that was a loss as well.

I think it is cool and is existent in stores for around 7 dollars. You can also find it for cheaper prices online, but it mostly costs more than it is in local stores. I currently have a silver Lashor that I like it a lot. It is a highly desirable battle gear because it is not widely available for sale, even though it is structurally quite similar to Vilantor's.

Silver Vilantor
Silver Vilantor


Vilantor is a turbine-like bakugan battle gear, and is available in Ventus only with two large jet engines that help lift heavy Bakugan off the ground. In addition, there are two large containers support six fire blasting barrels (or turbines) which shoot out energy attacks. It is Plitheon's Battle Gear. In the show, it actually looks different in real form, instead of a long row of blasters, they are arranged around the bakugan. It is a common battle gear that comes in all attributes, as well as deluxe and silver gear. Gold is 80G, Silver is 80G, and copper/bronze is the highest at 90G. Vilantor is an early released battle gear, but it is powerful. On the reference card, Aquos swaps your gate card with any other gate card in your opponents used pile, and Darkus removes all abilities played with Vilantor. Vilantor also has other powerful ability cards. Vilantor was first seen in episode 6, where it was teamed up with Pitheon and battled against Aranaut. Pitheon was victorious within a few ability cards. Also, Vilantor was seen in episode 18 for the last time, because Jessie (Vilantor’s owner), disappeared. It won against Aranaut and Coredem, proving it was a very powerful battled gear.

Vilantor has two ability cards: Vilantor Gear Cyclotron (Sonic Gear Cyclotron) and Vilantor Gear Nirvana.


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