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Bakugan Wavern

Updated on January 5, 2014
White Wavern
White Wavern

Wavern is Naga's Twin Sister

Wavern is one of the not many female bakugans and the twin sister of Naga, therefore she is considered a bakugan with no stable attribute. Although she is an outcast due to her lack of power and attribute, she is nice and holds the power of the infinity core. Unlike Naga however, she does not change her true form when she absorbed the infinity core. In ball form, Wavern has a structure similar to Dragonoid's, with a curved neck and outward wings. The wings have a plated design and are more elongated compared to Dragonoid. Her head curved with the neck, and can only be distinguished apart using the facial features. She also has pop-out feet that help it stand up without a gate card for support. Generally, Wavern's pop-ups resemble a Haos attributed bakugan.

Wavern appears to be based off the mystical creature Wyvern, a reptile-dragon like creature whose arms are connected to the wings. Also their names are very similar. Wavern can be found in many different colors/attributes that include blue Aquos, green Ventus, black Darkus, brown Subterra, and occasionally in pearl, or BakuPearl. Dual color is usually found with blue and green.

Wavern Gave Infinity Core to Drago and Had a Chance to Become the Ultimate Bakugan

Wavern has no variations/evolutions, so it is not very powerful. Wavern's G power ranges from 440 to as high as 630 which is held by gray Haos attribute, but in real life they can be higher than 700, depending on the type you get. They are currently qualified as uncommon/rare. It is not a very well known bakugan because she was only seen battling a few times. She is different from most other battle brawlers. Wavern appeared in episode 42 first in a memory when Drago thought of the sacrifices to save New Vestroia in the first series, later she can be seen fighting with Naga in episode 51. In this episode, Naga fused with the Silent Core and it took over him and he broke the balance and caused a massive shockwave, sending the Infinity Core flying into Wavern. The two collided and Wavern and the Infinity Core fused together and went to Earth. She was becoming weak, which is strange because the infinity core should’ve made her just as powerful. Later, Wavern was killed on request by Drago. Right before she died she gave Drago the Infinity Core to defeat Naga. Wavern had a chance to become the ultimate bakugan.

Wavern Video Review


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