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Top Toys - Great Gifts Barbie Doll and Family Name Quiz and More

Updated on November 14, 2015
Barbie and Tawney - photo courtesy of
Barbie and Tawney - photo courtesy of

Barbie and Family Fast Facts

The Barbie® Family, Friends and Pets

Take a journey with us back into time.  Restore memories of a simpler time, playing with Barbie Dolls.  Recall the friends and family of Barbie.  And view all the items for sale now - grouped by name - from dogs, to horses to family and friends.  And then to cap everything off, take our quiz - see if you can get a perfect score.  And IF your memory is still bad (as mine was!), watch the very first commercials and the introductions of friends and family of Barbie.

Enjoy the fond memories!


Mother - Who is known as the “Mother” of Barbie® doll? The inventor Ruth Handler, co-owner of Mattel Corporation.


Dancer (1971) – Barbie’s first horse, introduced in 1971

Star Stepper (1991) – Barbie’s horse which appears in a gift set called All American Star Stepper 1991

High Stepper….. – Barbie’s horse

Snow Dancer 1991 – Midge’s horse and a Toys R Us exclusive


Poodle (1964) – dog’s name unknown, Barbie’s first pet, came with an outfit and the set was called “Dog N Duds.”1964

Sparky …..– Barbie’s firefighter dog – a Dalmation – of course!

Prince ……– Barbie’s dog

Lord …..– Barbie’s dog in London, an Afghan

Barbie’s Friends

Ken® ……..– Also known as “Carson” is the name of Ken as given in the Random House series of books, who lives across from Barbie® in Willows, Wisconsin, a fictional town

Willows, Wisconsin, designated to be Anywhere in USA, named after the legendary Princess Willow who lived at the edge of a forest. NOTE: Ken and Barbie had the full wedding series, but yet the

Midge® Hadley ……– best friend of Barbie®

Stacey (1992) – a friend of Barbie, p. 41, she was named after Ken Handler’s first daughter or Ruth Handler’s granddaughter named Stacey.

Barbie’s Friends’ Relatives

Albert – Midge’s little brother – mentioned in the book Barbie®‘s Adventures to Read Aloud, Wonder Books, 1964.

Tommy – Ken’s brother 1997

Barbie’s Cousins

Two cousins were mentioned – P.J. and Francie.

P.J. – Barbie’s cousin

Francie ……. - also Barbie’s cousin, was loosely based upon Gidget (Francie Lawrence) , “a wacky teenager who wore mod clothes. This character was played Sandra Dee in the movies and Sally Fields on the television series.”

Barbie’s Brothers & Sisters

Barbie’s brothers and sisters included 3 Sisters - Skipper (1964), Tutti (1966-68) Kelly (1991), one brother – Todd (1966-68) and one sister-in-law – Tracey.

Skipper (1964) – Barbie’s little sister and a smaller doll measuring in comparison to Barbie’s 11.5” and Ken’s 12”, measuring at …………

Tutti (1966-68) Barbie’s baby sister (twin with Todd), with blue eyes

Todd - Barbie’s baby brother (twin with Tutti), with brown eyes, named after Ruth Handler’s grandson, Barbara’s son

Kelly (1991) - Barbie’s sister

Todd …….– Barbie’s brother, married Tracey 1983

Tracey….. – Barbie’s sister-in-law, married Todd 1983

Barbie Quiz:

1. Who invented the Barbie doll?

2. How many sisters did Barbie have?

3. How many brothers did Barbie have?

4. Did Barbie have cousins?

5. Did Barbie have a sister-law? Y

6. Barbie had over 3 horses and 4 different dogs?

7. Ken and Barbie were married?

8. Mattel only created one size of Barbie – 11.5”?

9. Until 1970, Barbies were sold wearing mainly swimsuits?

10. Of all the outfits sold for Barbie, the wedding dress is the best seller?

Barbie and Family Quiz

view quiz statistics

First Ken Barbie Commercial

First Skipper Barbie Commercial

Francie Barbie First Commercial

Barbie and Tanner Dog Commercial

Barbie Tawney Walking Horse Commercial

Quiz Answers and Notes

Barbie’s Quiz:

1.  Who invented the Barbie doll? Barbara Handler

2.  How many sisters did Barbie have? 3

3.  How many brothers did Barbie have? 1 Todd

4.  Did Barbie have cousins? Yes

5.  Did Barbie have a sister-law? Yes, Tracey, wife of Todd

6.  Barbie had over 3 horses and 4 different dogs? True,

7.   Ken and Barbie were married? False, p 86 “Barbie® doll and Ken® doll were never married” Additionally, p. 66 “From the beginning, Ruth Handler insisted Barbie doll should be whonever a little igrl wanted her to be. Mattel still pursues that policy and believe Barbie doll married Ken would close off that play pattern…..

8.  Mattel only created one size of Barbie – 11.5”? False, in 1977 Mattel created Supersized Barbie®, 18” in height.

9.  Until 1970, Barbie’s were sold wearing mainly swimsuits? True in the 1970’s the dolls were given outfits and the fashion designs, costumes became more intricate.

10.   Of all the outfits sold for Barbie, the wedding dress is the best seller? True

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