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Best Ad Carries League of Legends

Updated on April 23, 2014

In no specific order

1) Ezreal

Ezreal is probably the best ad carry at the moment and it is because he basically does everything. He is good and engaging, disengaging, 1 on 1s, and team fights. Ezreals power really comes from his e and I recommend maxing it first contrary to what most people think. The attack speed debuff is really what makes Ezreal so good.

  • Attack Speed Debuff
  • Escape
  • High Damage
  • Somewhat Hard to Farm with

2) Graves

Graves is a really good carry and works well is most situations. The thing that I like better about Graves as opposed to Ezreal is that he is really easy to farm with. Farm wins games and Graves is really good at getting it. Graves is really good in low elo because of this reason. Just really has a good kit and is very easy to learn and play.

  • Tankiness
  • Great laning phase
  • High Burst Damage
  • Good Late Game

3) Corki

The thing about Corki is he has a really strong laning phase and late game. What more could you want. His true damage and E make him really good vs tanks and his valkarie is really good for escaping. Winning lane wins games and Corki is really good at winning lane and winning games.

  • Escape
  • True Damage
  • High Burst
  • Easy to farm with

4) Sivir

The good thing about Sivir is her spell shield. It makes her very good vs many match ups and against Karthus. It really is effective and swaying the tides of a trade and can be very useful in a lot of situations. Also her damage and utility are also very high which makes her a great asset to any team.

  • High early game damage
  • Spell Shield
  • High utility ultimate

5) Kog Maw

Kog maw is a terror late game because he can literally shred through the enemy team and take down tanks like they are squishy. The only problem with Kog is he is kinda hard to lane with making him less effective in some ways. If you can survive to the late game he is one of the best.

  • One of the best late games
  • Percent health based damage
  • Tank killer
  • Weaker early game

6) Varus

My opinion is that Varus is a great carry but he really doesn't have an escape which can make him difficult to play. His kit provides a lot of damage and he is like Kog in many ways but he has a crowd control ultimate. Strong carry and good for poke comps.

  • Great poke
  • Good Crowd Control abilities
  • Good Laning
  • No Escape

7) Vayne

Vayne is still very strong but she is somewhat hard to play which is why she is lower on the list. She is very good late game and has tones of damage but she can be hard to lane with and hard to farm with because none of her abilities are aoe. Most Vaynes I see are sub par but she is still a great champion.

  • True Damage
  • High mobility
  • Strong Late game
  • Harder to farm with
  • Harder to play

8) Draven

Overall I think Draven is a lot like Miss Fortune in a lot of ways. He has lots of damage but he has no escape. Other than that I find him strong and his kit is pretty good.

  • No Escape
  • High Damage
  • Harder to lane with

9) Miss Fortune

Good ad carry but lacks some of the great attributes that other carries bring to the table. She just has gotten outclassed over time and is now one of the lesser Ad carries. She can still be good but she is kinda easy to kill and hard to play late game.

  • Hard Late game
  • Good Aoe
  • High mobility with passive

10) Jinx

She is really strong and is a great ranged carry. She is really versatile and good in most situations. Not only this but her laning is decently strong and she has a good late game. Overall really strong pick and strong ranged carry.

11) Caityln

Very strong champion with very high range. This allows you to poke or farm at a safe distance. Caityln is a little bit weaker in the later stages of the game so it makes it really important that you have a good early game and keep up in farm. Be careful that you do not get overaggressive and miss last hits because it is easy to do with Cait.

Who is your favorite AD?

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