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League of Legends 10 Things Keeping You From Gaining Elo

Updated on April 23, 2014

1. You Die Too Much

If you are dying a lot in ranked games you will probably not gain elo very quickly. Dying, even if it results in getting a kill may not be worth it in all situations. Don't be a feeder think the genius you are and only pick fights that you know will result in kills and great trades. The best trades result in no deaths for you team. Don't be a hero bro.

  • Avoid dying and always try to play safe. This is really important because it prevents you from feeding and increases your chances of winning.
  • Examine your mechanics and decision making and really objectively think about what is causing you to die so you can fix it.
  • Let people die. If they are stupid and get caught don't die trying to save them you are just giving them an extra kill in most situations.

2. You Rage at Your Team

Raging is tempting when the people you are playing with are being stupid as normal, but here's the deal. Raging accomplishes nothing. I mean it might feel good to tell a teammate when they are messing up, but it wont make them play better it will probably make them rage and play worse. Give them tips or don't say anything at all. Keep a mindset of carrying the bad players and that you always can carry them.

  • Rages lose more games than anything else. People will feed on purpose and stop trying if you rage at them.
  • People have feelings. I know it is a game and is easy to sit behind a computer screen and rage. You must realize that these are people with feelings.
  • Disable chat if you have to. Ignore everyone on your team at the start of the game and disable mute if you need to say something important. Trust me it helps.

3. You Can't Last Hit

If you can't last hit you are putting yourself at a big disadvantage. Last hitting is the key to getting gold and getting an advantage. Mechanics can bet the difference between high elo and low elo. Focus on improving this skill and you will gain elo.

  • Last hitting is the number one skill in League of Legends. You could have the best judgement in the world but if you constantly miss last hits then you will fail.
  • Practice vs bots. It is boring but it will help you get better. Professionals in Korea do this and it is why they have such great mechanics.

4. You Get Caught Late Game

Sorry but this is a deal breaker. Getting caught late game is about the worst thing you can do in ranked games. Not only does it make you look like a noob, but it allows the enemy to take an objective and gain a lead. No one wants to be the guy who throws the game because you wanted a few cs top. Some players don't know what to do when it gets to late game. That's what I am here for. Late game, group up with your team and catch the enemy team. Make the other team mess up and get caught not you.

  • Buy wards. Wards not only help you but they help your team. A well placed ward can prevent your from getting caught and losing the game.
  • Group up. Grouping makes getting caught out of the picture. Teams that work together and group tend to win more games.

5. You Don't Know How to Play Your Role

Every role is very specific and can be hard to play. If you are an ad your job is to do as much damage as you possible stay alive as long as possible. Your job is to kite and get kills. If you are a support your job is to peel for your carry and make sure he does not die. Tanks are supposed to soak up damage and disrupt the enemy team and maybe even go after a carry. Mages are suppose to burst the enemy and assassinate squishies. Learn what role you are playing and do it like a boss.

  • If you are a bad at a role tell your team. This will help them pick the roles you cannot do and increases your chances of getting the role you want.
  • Try to be familiar with every role. There are going to be situations where you will need to play a role you do not want to. Make sure you can still play it decently so you don't cause your team to lose.

6. You Don't Know How to Support

This also goes for people who know how to support but don't care and play poorly if they are forced to support. Lets face it, supporting is part of League of Legends and if you don't want to do it or accept that you have to sometimes, find a different game. Supporting is important and is vital to winning games. Don't feed and try. Try Hard!

  • Support is relatively easy to learn. You do not need great mechanics to support which is why it is easier to play. It is not a picnic though. It still takes work and focus to play it successfully.
  • Main a support champ and spam it. You will get better the more you play and eventually you will be sufficient in the role.

7. You Don't Know How to Jungle

Jungling is important and this goes for more of the lower elo players. You're team needs a jungle and needs a jungle that knows what he is doing in order to win. If you do not have any idea how to jungle I suggest you learn because it is very important and make or breaks games. Be a game maker and carry that team.

  • Watch a jungler stream. Streams can be found on and watching them will make you a better player. Make sure you pay attention and think about what they are doing and how to improve your play style.

8. You Play Champions You are Bad With

I know you might really like to play certain champs but win ratios don't lie. If you have a 20% win ratio with a champion don't expect to win games you play with that champion. This is your stats telling you that you are not good with a champ and should probably stay away from playing it in ranked games. Try and focus on playing the champs you have with very high win rates. If you win 6 out of 10 games with a champion your elo will go up in time because you will win more than you lose. That's all that matters baby!

  • Avoid champions you have a bad win rate with. Win rates tend to be pretty accurate once you have played around ten games. If you lose all the time there is probably an inner problem. Don't worry. Just stick to the ones you can play well and you will find a greater success.

9. You Don't Know How to Counter Pick

Counter picking isn't as important in lower elos but once you get to higher elo it is vital to counter pick. Counter picking gives you an extreme advantage and helps you win your lane. Winning lane wins games. Elo is a statistic and gaining elo is about winning more than you lose. If you win lane your chances of winning go up and you win more than you lose ultimately causing you to gain elo. Counter picking will help you win games and gain elo.

  • Know all the champions in your role. The more you play and the more champions you know the easier counter picking becomes. Because League of Legends is so broad, you want to stick to your role at first and learn counter from there.

10. You Aren't Playing

The biggest thing from stopping you from gaining elo is to not play. You will never gain elo if you aren't playing ranked games. Never settle for an elo that you have that you are not satisfied with. If you want to make it to platinum play until you get there. Always focus on getting better and learning as much as you can. Be a pro!

  • Don't be afraid to lose games. Success only comes from learning from your failures and mistakes. A lot of people get lucky and get a higher elo than there are suppose to be at so they stop playing because they are afraid to lose it. Who cares? Just keep playing and improving your skills and you will get an elo beyond your wildest dreams.


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