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Best Game Console 2014

Updated on December 2, 2013

There are a few good game consoles on the market, each with it's own strengths and weaknesses. In best game console 2014 we will try to match your needs to the features of these top gaming consoles.

We will go into more detail later in the article, but let's look at a short breakdown of what each of the top game consoles have to offer.

Xbox 360 Console VS PS3 slim: These 2 consoles are targeting the same hardcore gamer market. They try to deliver the best high quality graphic and surround sound experience. Though both consoles are priced similarly, the Xbox 360 Console is the high cost high quality option, while the PS3 is cheaper. Where they get you is with the extras.

Nintendo Wii: The Nintendo Wii is targeted at family fun gaming. Instead of going for the most power the Nintendo Wii uses it's innovative motion sensitive controls and the great gameplay of it's games to distinguish itself.

PSPgo VS Nintendo DSi: These are the 2 great hand held game consoles on the market. The PSPgo provides button pounding action while the DSi is more targeted at puzzle games and building communities.

PS3 - top game console 2014
PS3 - top game console 2014
Xbox 360 Premium game console
Xbox 360 Premium game console

PS3 Slim VS Xbox 360 Elite

The PS3 has a slightly better CPU than the Xbox. Which makes the games a little smoother. The Xbox has a better GPU than the PS3 which makes for better graphics.

The PS3 supports blu-ray, CD and DVD while the XBox only supports DVD and CD.

The PS3 comes with bluetooth and WiFi. You can buy an add-on to give your Xbox WiFi connectivity.

Exclusive releases: The Xbox 360 has been around longer than the PS3 so it has more exclusive releases.

Controllers: The PS3 controllers are smaller and lighter the Xbox ones.

Playing online: Going online with the Xbox costs money while with the PS3 it's free ($50 per year). However the service with the Xbox 360 is better. I would say it's worth the $50.

Nintendo Wii review 2014

Pros: The innovative motion sensitive controller design really does make the Wii's gameplay more fun. Unlike with the Xbox 360 online gaming is free. The Wii console comes with a Wii Sports game. The Wii is $100 cheaper than the other home gaming consoles. It has a built-in SD for photo viewing and extra storage.

Cons: The motion sensitive remote is heavy on batteries and it can take some time to get use to it. The online gaming servers aren't as good as the Xbox 360's. You just don't get the advanced HD graphics and great surround sound that you get with the PS3 and Xbox 360. You need to buy a WiFi receiver separately, if you want to connect to the internet through your home WiFi network. The Wii can't play CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray disks.

Bottom line: You don't get the power you do with the Xbox 360 or the PS3, but with it's affordable price tag and innovative gaming the Wii is a very attractive package.

Nintendo DSi VS PSP Go

The PSP Go’s screen is on the outside, when you are carrying it around, while the DSi’s screens are on the inside. This means you are more likely to get scratches on the PSP Go’s screen.

The DSi’s interface is better than the PSP Go’s interface. You need small hands to work the PSP Go’s interface. The DSi has both a pointer pen and button interface, which improves the gaming experience. Having said that those of you who have a PS3 at home will find the interface more familiar and easier than the DSi's.

The PSP Go has WiFi and Bluetooth built in and you can go online and buy a number of good games. The DSi has WiFi, but there aren’t that many games to download.

The DSi has 10 hours of battery life which is double that of the PSP Go.

The DSi is $50 cheaper than the PSP Go. The DSi is compatible with previous DSi games while the PSP Go isn’t compatible with previous PSP games.

The DSi has a built in camera and microphone. Though the quality of these to features aren't great. On the other hand you can watch movies on the PSP Go.

With the PSP Go you download games and then play them, while with the DSi you buy cartridges. This means if your PSP Go breaks it's all gone, with the DSi you still have the cartridges.

The bottom line: Ultimately it comes down to their target markets. The DSi is for younger gamers while the power of the PSP Go is great for more serious older gamers.

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    • profile image

      bubby 6 years ago

      the wii is the funest system i have played. but of you don't have the right games it can get vary burning vary fast.

    • profile image

      jason 6 years ago

      the PS3 has the better console in terms of technology, but the games are pretty much the same even though the 360 has more variety. At the end of the day though, it's all about preference, really. I used to have a 360 until it broke and decided to get a PS3 just for a change.

    • profile image

      isaac 6 years ago

      xboxes are the best