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Best Game controllers for XBOX,PS4 and PC

Updated on July 18, 2014

Many of the PC gamers will be playing all the PC games with the keyboard.This is his own complexities.It is not flexible to use keyboard with the hand.You could even sometimes shut down the game by clicking escape or windows button accidentally.Moreover,for gamers like me,a game will never be satisfactory if it's played with Keyboard.Some of those games in the market like Truck simulator might be satisfactory to play with the keyboard.But,playing some fantastic games like Battlefield 4 using keyboard is always not a good idea unless you can't afford a new Game controllers for playing FPS games.

Using controller for gaming has many advantages.You will not accidentally shut down the game ever while playing with a controller.Since the game controller fits your hand,you will feel more flexible to use the PC game controller than the ordinary Keyboard.Also,there are some specially designed Keyboards and Mice which are specially designed for Gaming.You can also have a look at the best in them by clicking the link below.

Best Game controllers For PC and PlayStation

Thrustmaster T Wireless:

This is a specially designed wireless Game controller for Windows i.e computer and PlayStation.It uses 3 AAA sized batteries to work and help you play games more effectively.It's Battery life is nearly 50 hours.The two joypad handles and smooth and easy to rotate type buttons which help you play games more effectively.All of it's buttons can be swapped and re mapped.All in all,this is one of the fantastic Game controller for PC and even PlayStation 3.

Logitech F310

This is one of the best Game controllers released by Logitech.This Logitech is famous for it's products of computer hardware.It's also famous for it's products belonging to games.One of it's product,Logitech G27 is one of the best selling controller ever in the world.This is a steering controller which is used to play games like Need For speed,City car driving simulator and Truck simulator etc.

But this Logitech F310 is specially designed for playing all type of games on PC.Also,it is one of the cheapest ever Gaming controllers ever designed for PC with only a price of $19 in Amazon.It has 10 programmable buttons which can be remapped.It works with Windows Vista,Windows XP and also even on Windows 7,8.

5 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Logitech F710

Logitech F710

Another fantastic and cheapest controller from Logitech.It is available in amazon just for a price of $31 while some of the other equivalent controllers from other companies cost nearly 70-80$.I personally recommend you guys to buy this as i use this controller for my PC and i have some best experiences with this controller.I have completed the Need For speed Most wanted 2012 in 6 days using this controller.This controller helped me win many of the races online.It has a powerful 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity along with the dual vibration motors which vibrate when you get hit by something or someone.It works perfectly in all windows Platforms.

Razer Tabertooth

It will never be a good list without including a RAZER product in the list of Game hardware.yes,RAZER is the best Gaming hardware manufacturing company out there in the world.Every gamers lifetime aim is to have a completely RAZER optimized computer i.e a computer will Razer mouse,keyboard,CPU and even the monitor.This Razer Tabertooth is one of the best selling Game controller in the Amazon market.

It comes with six additional buttons which can be programmed and remapped.It has some attractive colors for it's buttons which makes you buy this controller.It is comparatively costlier than the Logitech controllers but it has it's own class.Many of the Gamers prefer to buy this for especially FPS games.


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    • profile image

      Julio 3 years ago

      Tried this out at the shop and I was mega impressed by it! So nice and small and copmact. Touchpad instead of numpad works for me because I'm going from a laptop? to a new desktop. Laptop style keys. Some reviews say it's not ergonomic and that there is too much key travel (have to press the keys too much) but I was typing mega fast on it at the shop and everything just went so smoothly! Plus it's small size is awesome. Minor disadvantage = no LED to say it's on or that caps lock is on.

    • profile image

      Alexavia 3 years ago

      I love reading these articles because they're short but inrofmative.