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The Best Birthday Gift Ideas For a One Year Old Child

Updated on January 3, 2012

Standing in the middle of the aisle at the toy store, looking up and down the shelves, I think to myself "What in the world do I get a 1 year old as a gift?"

At that stage they aren't babies anymore but they aren't quite toddlers either. They don't have the motor skills to handle some of the bigger kid toys.

So after leaving the toy store, about an hour later I was slightly annoyed and empty handed. I still hadn't been able to figure out what is the best kind of toy to buy a baby who is turning one year's old.

I decided to brainstorm some ideas, and do some research to find the best birthday, Christmas or other gift ideas.

Birthday Invitation
Birthday Invitation | Source

Toys that make noise

When nothing else works, babies and small children love to make noise and anything that makes a loud sound they will undoubtedly enjoy.

The toys don't need to be extravagant or expensive, as demonstrated by children always getting into the pots and pans cabinet.

A musical table, drum-set or any kind of musical instrument makes a great gift. The child will love pounding on it, pushing all the buttons and making beautiful music.

The parents however, probably won't find as much enjoyment with the noise, I mean "music".


Water Toys

Toys that can be played in the bathtub are some the top favorites for children. They love their bath time, so buying toys to use in the water are a great idea.

They can be used during the summer time while at the beach, at the pool or during the evening when it's time to get squeaky clean.

It's a nice gift that will enhance a child's perspective on water and swimming, and will help them grow up to love and not fear, being in the water.

Square Peg, Round Hole

Babies and children love blocks, legos and anything with shapes. Parents won't have to worry about the blocks being too small for their kids to swallow or choke, and with all the bright colors and shapes, the children will love playing with them.

They can spend endless hours creating sky high towers and trails, while learning all the different shapes and colors. The child won't even realize the toys are educational since they will be having so much fun.


Soft and Squishy

Of course one of the best toys for any baby is a stuffed animal. It's a good idea to ask the child's parent if they have a certain theme or animal that is the child's favorite. Then you can purchase the softest, squishiest stuffed animal or doll you can possibly find.

My nephew (who is 4 now) loves dinosaurs so when he had his first birthday I wanted to find the biggest, baddest dinosaur of all time. But naturally a lot of the dinosaur toys come in that hard plastic material, and with small pieces.

So I kept my eyes open and was finally able to find a plush dinosaur stuffed animal, that he still sleeps with to this day. It definitely helps to know what the child really likes.


Another great idea is a plush book or (as I like to think of them) an indestructible book.

A child can do everything from tossing it across the room, to drooling on it and the book will stay in tact.

There aren't any sharp edges or paper to eat and they are soft to the touch.

They often come with music or other stimulating objects that are a great entertainment for small children.

Educational DVD's

This is a relatively new category but it's steadily becoming more popular. Educational DVD's like Baby Genius and Baby Einstein have been shown to give children a jump start on life. They help enhance the child cognitive and social skills, while still being very entertaining.

It can also be a welcomed gift to any parent since they can sit the child in front of the TV for a few minutes and cross off things on their to-do list. Meanwhile the child is learning a vast amount of information, and it's an activity that doesn't require too much oversight.


Whether you are looking for a gift for a boy or girl, this list of ideas will work for any child celebrating their very first birthday. Buying any present that makes noise, plays music, has colorful shapes or that is soft and squishy, is pretty much a foolproof plan. You can be confident that both the child and parent will love you for gifting them with a great toy.


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    • profile image

      ramsha 6 years ago

      its fab and nice.there are many nice ideas

    • randomcreative profile image

      Rose Clearfield 6 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      These are all great suggestions! Very age appropriate.