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Best Nintendo Wii Games

Updated on October 16, 2012

Best Nintendo Wii Games

Best Nintendo Wii Games
Best Nintendo Wii Games

Buy the Best Nintendo Wii Games

If you are looking to Buy Nintendo Wii Games then it's time you started finding the perfect Nintendo Wii games for your gaming style!

This list of the best Nintendo Wii games is my personal list of the top Nintendo Wii games which you can find out today, new and old!

The wide variety of Nintendo Wii games has astounded casual gamers around the world, not only does the Nintendo Wii provide great entertainment value, but most of it's games can be learned in seconds.this makes Nintendo Wii Games an amazingly good addition to parties as well as for personal entertainment!

While the Ninteno Wii is now several years old it has become so popular that it is still often sold out in many stores, and new Nintendo Wii Games often sell out minutes after release. Despite the difficulty you might find in buying one of these consoles, or the games you love, I definately recoment the best Nintendo Wii games to anyone!

Nintendo Wii Games

There are hundreds of brilliant Nintendo Wii Games out there, but this often makes it hard to choose the best Nintendo Wii for your Nintendo Wii Console. You can find Wii games for action, strategy, skill, or knowledge. If you want you can even get Wii Fit Games to keep you in shape!

The huge variety and interactivity of the Nintendo Wii Games makes the Nintendo Wii easily one of the most entertaining console platforms of all time,but which Nintendo Wii games should you buy?

Well, we are here to help!  I will be giving you ten of the best Nintendo Wii games to have been created, in my opinion!

Buy Nintendo Wii Games

Wii Fit Nintendo Wii Games
Wii Fit Nintendo Wii Games

Wii Fit Plus - Nintendo Wii Games

The Wii Fit is the first of many Wii Fit Games which have appeared over the last few years. The Wii Fit help keep you in shape as well as entertained, with plenty of exercises and routines which will help keep you in shape and in good health.

The Wii Fit helps with strength, aerobics, yoga and balance through a series of exercises, games and daily regimes.

While the Wii fit is good for overall fitness and muscle tone, it does not quite have the more strenuous exercises which you might want to consider if you are wanting to lose weight.

The original Wii Fit has recently been replaced by Wii Fit Plus which hosts new exercises, games, and more in addition to the original Wii Fit Package!

Nintendo Wii Games

Best Nintendo Wii Games
Best Nintendo Wii Games

We Sing - Nintendo Wii Games

We Sing brings a wide collection of songs to one of the greatest Nintendo Wii Games for singers. Allowing you to compete or co-operate with friends, We Sing is a whole load of fun,especially at parties.

This is one of the best Nintendo Wii games, and has a wide variety of songs, new and old, to appeal to all users.

if you are at home with a few friends this great Nintendo Wii karaoke game could provide some great entertainment for you and your friends, with songs new and old requiring you to provide your vocal talents, or lack thereof.

Nintendo Wii Games

Best Nintendo Wii Games
Best Nintendo Wii Games

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Nintendo Wii Games

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the sequesl to one of the best Nintendo Wii Games of all time, Super Mario Galaxy. in Super Mario Galaxy 2 you take the adventurous plumber around an intricate set of 3D worlds, each with their own twists and imaginative scenery.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 continues with it's predecessors quirky worlds, with strange graveties, strange creatures, and fun filled adventures. You will be entertained for hours with this Nintendo Wii Games fun filled levels!

As with all the best Mario Wii Games, Super Mario Galaxy 2 makes full use of the motion sensitivity controller to give you a truly immersive Nintendo Wii Games experience!

Nintendo Wii Games

Just Dance Nintendo Wii Games
Just Dance Nintendo Wii Games

Just Dance - Nintendo Wii Games

Just dance brings a muscle aching dance workout to the Nintendo Wii.  With a fantastic collection of songs, beats, and dance steps, you will find yourself dancing the night away with one of the most addictive Nintendo Wii Games available to date.

This is one of the best Nintendo Wii Games for dancing, and over the course of several games you will learn a huge number of steps which you will have to learn to mimmic to get a decent score.  As with most Nintendo Wii Games Just Dance makes great use of the Wii Motion controller to provide a really great interactive Wii games experience!

Nintendo Wii Games

Nintendo Wii Games
Nintendo Wii Games

LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 Wii Games

Harry Potter come to LEGO in this brilliant game which takes you through Harry Potters first four years at Hogwarts. This is one of the best LEGO Nintendo Wii Games and brings a whole lot of fun and excitement to the Nintendo Wii Console!

I have always been a fan of LEGO, and though I prefer the real LEGO sets to the LEGO games, they are still a whole lot of fun!

LEGO Harry Patter leads you through a thrilling adventure in a non linear world where you can explore huge areas, mix up potions and learn some great spells to progress through one of teh best Nintendo Wii Games set to be released in 2010!

Nintendo Wii Games

best Nintendo Wii Games
best Nintendo Wii Games

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Reflex Edition

While Call of Duty games always seem to come out much later on the Wii when compared to other games, it is easily well worth it. Call of Duty 4 Modern warfare Reflex Edition brings immersive Wii motion control to one of teh best Nintendo Wii games of all time.  With plenty of single and multiplayer action, you will have to battle against other players in a well built first person shooter, FPS Wii Game.

This is probably one of the Best Nintendo Wii Games of all time, for replayability and challenges. You might want a couple of Nintendo Wii Accessories to help you in this game, such as the Wii Zapper, which can give you a real edge over people using standard Wii controllers!

Nintendo Wii Games

Best Nintendo Wii Games
Best Nintendo Wii Games

Red Steel 2 - Nintendo Wi Games

Red Steel 2 is the long awaited sequel to one of the most highly acclaimed Nintendo Wii Games of all time. As with it's predecessor, Red Steel 2 takes players on an intriguing story line, while they wield their sword through the accurate Wii Motion Plus controller.

With Red Steel 2 your sword closely matches your Wii controllers movements, allowing you to quickly dispatch enemies with precision sword swipes and combination moves.

Unlike past sword fighting games Red Steel 2 allows user full control over their weapon, allowing you to hone your skills as a fighter, rather than a button masher.  This is one of the most successful Nintendo Wii games to have arrived around the world since the Nintendo Wii Console was created!

Nintendo Wii Games

Best Nintendo Wii Games Monster Hunter Tri
Best Nintendo Wii Games Monster Hunter Tri

Monster Hunter Tri

Forget Pokemon when you have one of the most enthralling Nintendo Wii Games available at your finger tips. Monster Hunter Tri immerses you in to a fully functioning world where monsters roam the hills, jungles and lakes. Unlike most Nintendo Wii Games of this genre Monster Hunter Tri has a fully functioning food chain, where monsters will feed off each other, and the strong will hunt the weak.

With Monster Hunter Tri you will have to battle your way through one of the most challenging natural environments of any Nintendo Wii games to try and find the weaknesses of your prey. Some monsters will use astonishingly powerful moves to scatter your tactics, others will leap in to the air and escape with the slightest disturbance.

However you choose to capture your trophy in Monster Hunter Tri, you will be amazed by the quality of one of the best Nintendo Wii Games ever made!

Nintendo Wii Games

best Nintendo Wii Games
best Nintendo Wii Games

New Super Mario Bros Wii

Ok so the New Super Mario Bros Wii is not really the newest of the Nintendo Wii Games, but it is incredibly addictive, had great replayability, and is simply maintaining one of the best 2D platform titles ever made.

As you traverse your way around a huge number of maps in true Mario style you will find yourself loving every minute of New Super Mario Bros Wii, and there is little suprise as this fantastic Nintendo Wii Games brings a few entertaining new features to the classic make up of Super Mario Bros!

If you love Nintendo Wii Games, and enjoy the Mario Games, this is the perfect combination of old play style with new technology for you!

Nintendo Wii Games

Buy Nintendo Wii Games
Buy Nintendo Wii Games

Wii Sports Resort - Nintendo Wii Games

A remake of Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort is one of the Flagship Nintendo Wii games, and incorporates fun, simple, addictive games in to brilliant multiplayer experiences to keep you and your friends entertained, whether you are wasting an hour, or competing at a party with alchol in abundance!

Wii Sports resirt is one of teh most fun Nintendo Wii games which you can find today, with a wide range of challenged, competitions and mini games that will keep you and your friends going against each other for the gold time after time!

The wide variety of games, be it bowling or disc golf, slide this fantastic Nintendo Wii game in to the top spot of my best Nintendo Wii games list!

So What Do You Think to My Best Nintendo Wii Games?

These are my best Nintendo Wii games, but what do you think, do you agree or disagree with my choices?

You might also want to check out my best DSi games list, or even my other Wii games list if you like these Nintendo Wii games!

Buy Wii Games


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    • thisisoli profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

      I need to make a new Wii games list soon, there have been a lot of new releases!

    • awesomeness79 profile image


      10 years ago from UK

      Just Dance is great! Can't wait for the follow up!

    • betherann profile image

      Beth Morey 

      10 years ago from Montana

      I have to admit that I'm pretty excited about LEGO Harry Potter!

    • Ann Nonymous profile image

      Ann Nonymous 

      10 years ago from Virginia

      Wii! These sound fun! I have only played wii once and it was sports. Lots of fun and great workout! good hub, Oli!


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