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Best Ride On Toys For Toddlers

Updated on June 5, 2014

Fun Ride On Toys for Kids Aged 1-3 Years

Between the ages of 1 and 3, a child rapidly develops his or her gross motor skills by learning to balance, walk, run, pedal and push things. Push or ride on toys can help with all these skills while also keeping your child entertained.

To help a little girl or boy enjoy their new found independence to the hilt, why not get them one of the best ride on toys for toddlers? Whether learning to walk, pedal or push themselves around, most of these ride on toys can be used for far longer than just those few toddler years. The options range from battery operated toys to simple ones that are powered by just those fast little legs!

Choose one of seven different Wheely Bugs from below
Choose one of seven different Wheely Bugs from below | Source

One of the most important things to look out for when selecting one of these riding toys is to make sure that it is sturdy and safe to push or ride for your little one and that it is age appropriate. If you'd like the ride-on to be used for a longer time, consider getting one that can transition from a stroller toy to walker mode or to a pedal or self-pushing mode.

Once your toddler discovers that she can explore her world herself, her ride-on toy will give her hours of enjoyment and maybe a little bit of a rest for you!

Walker, Rocker and Push Ride On Toys for Toddlers

Want to make those early walking days easier for your toddler? A walker type of ride on toy makes taking those first steps a lot more fun. Then for a little variety, he can jump onto the seat and either push himself around with the power of his little leg muscles or rock back and forth on it when it converts to a rocker.


VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train

This is a perfect all-purpose toy, as it features three playing modes and helps enhance a child's motor and cognitive skills.

A toddler can learn his alphabets, numbers and colors in a fun way using the learning train's blocks, piano keys and book, and listen to songs and stories too. It is an excellent development tool, as it is interactive and sounds out the names of each letter, numeral or color and gives you a word that starts with each alphabet as it is inserted into its corresponding hole.

The train can be pushed along as a walker and then hitched to a carriage that serves as the ride on toy. All the while, a child can continue playing with his assortment of blocks.

Take a look at the demo below.

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Fisher-Price Rock Roll 'n Ride Trike

You wouldn't think this riding toy is the same one when it's converted to one of three different modes!

The littlest toddler will have fun rocking on it when the rocker base is attached at the bottom of the wheels, but that same base converts to a long push bar handle so that an adult can take the child on a stroll.

Once the child gets a little older, he can peddle himself around. You don't need any tools to do all this. Just fold up the foot rests, adjust the seat and remove the handle to get a completely different toy! You don't even need tools to convert it from one style to another.

It is recommended for ages 1.5 to 5 years and is very sturdy, with a low center of gravity and a wide base and thick rimmed wheels.

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Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy

This is another great multi-purpose toy for toddlers. With the wide wheelbase and sturdy walker handle, it is a safe walker toy for even the youngest toddler. The handle then folds down to become a seat for an older toddler to ride on.

The fun doesn't stop there! The puppy features a movable head, ears and jaw and plays almost 50 sounds, phrases and tunes while lighting up and being rolled about the house.

To help with learning, the toy teaches the alphabet, numbers, colors and more, and includes a shape sorter with blocks that fit into three holes or the puppy's mouth.

The recommended age range for this toy is 9 months to 3 years.

Ride On Cars for Toddlers

Kids are always thrilled when they get to pretend to be just like adults. If their parents can drive themselves everywhere, why can't they? A ride on car or truck is sure to provide the best thrills.

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Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car

One of the original ride on toys is the Cozy Coupe from 30 years ago. It has always been an original when it comes to pretend play, with the current version featuring realistic car details.

The floor is removable to allow an older toddler to use his legs to push it around, and there's a handle on the back for parents to control the ride for younger kids. There's a high seat back for the driver and a rear compartment for luggage. There's even a working horn, ignition switch and a gas cap that can be opened and closed.

The car runs on durable tires and the front two wheels can turn 360 degrees, so the car is easy to maneuver but won't roll away.

The recommended age for this ride on is 18 months to 5 years and can hold a weight of up to 50 lbs. This oldie still is one of the best ride on toys for toddlers you can buy.

Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster

Why go to an amusement park when you can have your own roller coaster at home or in your yard for your little speed demon?

This fun 10 foot long roller coaster is made of three separate components that lock together securely to form one thrilling downhill ride. Each component is made of colorful molded plastic and no tools are needed to put it together. The bright yellow car features a high back, footrests and sturdy handrail, and sits in the recessed retainer wells of the slide for a secure ride. At the top of the slide, two non-slip steps lock into place to allow the toddler to get into the car easily.

The car can be used without the ramp too and a child can also roll other things down the ramp, making this toy well worth the cost.

Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug

If you're looking for a simple but well made ride on toy, this one would be it. Just like this pig, it is also available in five other cute animal models, like cow, ladybug, mouse, tiger and bee.

This award winning toy is non-toxic and PCV free with multi-directional wheels, a wooden base, and layered sponge with a PU covering for a comfortable padded seat. Unlike many other ride on toys, this one lets the child roll about in any direction, including making a 360 degree turn.

The Wheely Bug is available in two sizes - small (8-3/4 H by 9 W by 15 D inches) and large (18-1/2 H by 11 W by 10-1/2 D) inches . The small one is designed for kids aged 1.5 to 3 years, while the large one is for 3 years and old. Some parents have commented that if your child is tall for her age, you should get the large one instead.

Pedal Ride on Toys for Kids

Once a toddler gets to a certain age, a bit of speed is what gets him excited. A sturdy ride-on tricycle with a low center of gravity and wide wheels will allow him to pedal about without the danger of toppling over.

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Fisher-Price Tough Trike

Also available in Barbie Tough, Dora the Explorer, Kawasaki and Thomas the Train, this is what a boy's or girl's first trike should be like - it should feature wide foot pedals, a comfortable seat and a large wheel base with wide and rugged wheels.

This trike from Fisher-Price is available in five different models to suit boys and girls. The other extra details that make this trike so appealing to toddlers are the secret storage compartment under the seat and a clicking key so they can pretend to start it.

The toy is easy to assemble and is suitable for children between 2 and 6 years of age.

Battery Powered Ride On Toys for Toddlers

The closest thing to a real car that adults drive is a battery powered car or ATV style vehicle. With a low maximum speed and a large wheel base, a good powered ride on car is a safe way for a kid to experience all the fun. All you have to do is teach your child how to steer, turn and stop and he'll proudly ride about on his own.

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Power Wheels Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 Lil' Quad

This Toy Story 3 themed battery powered 4-wheeler is sure to delight any young kid. Recommended for ages 1-3, it features a simple push button mechanism to go and stop, a cargo rack on the back, and Buzz Lightyear in his spaceship on the front.

It drives forward at a maximum speed of only 2 miles per hour and the low seat and footrest makes it easy and safe to straddle and ride. It can be used on grass and hard surfaces. A 6 volt battery and charger is included and also 20 ATV and Buzz-themed decals to stick on the quad.

Take a look at a demo of the VTech Sit To Stand Alphabet Train

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