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Best SMG in Black Ops 2

Updated on February 7, 2013

The Chicom CQB is the best sub-machine gun in Call of Duty Black Ops 2. It is the 5th SMG you can unlock and can be unlocked when you reach level 37. This is a 3 round burst gun that is extremely effective in many situations and can be made even better with attachments. Like most SMG counterparts to assault rifles, this gun shoots faster than burst fire assault rifles with a decrease in the damage each burst deals. That is why this weapon is superior to comparable assault rifles in close-quarters combat or on smaller maps. Below I will describe my setup as well as show a table laying out the class.

I just recently started using this gun and for a while my kdr with this gun was well over 50% higher than the kdr of my number 2 gun, the SMR. I am more of a rusher so this gun is better suited for my play style. I immediately started getting better scores and kdr and I only got better with it the more I used it. I hope that you see similar improvements if you use this class, especially if you like to rush.

Please leave any feedback you'd like. I really appreciate it. :)

Class Setup

Slot Type
Primary Weapon
Chicom CQB
Primary Attachments
Select Fire, Reflex Sight, Long Barrel
Secondary Weapon
Secondary Attachments
Perk 1
Lightweight, Hardline
Perk 2
Perk 3
Lethal Grenade
Tactical Grenade
Perk 1 Greed, Primary Gunfighter

Class Description

For my Chicom class, I try to optimize my speed and agility as this weapon is an SMG and better for quick, close gunfights. To do this I use lightweight, which makes you move faster, and dexterity, which allows you to jump, climb, and recover from sprinting faster. I also use hardline to help accumulate scorestreaks quicker and toughness, which decreases flinch when shot, so I can still manage to have my aim locked onto my opponent, when I am in the middle of a short distance gunfight. The Perk 1 Greed wildcard allows me to have hardline and lightweight together.

What really makes the Chicom an excellent gun is the select fire attachment. Similar to the SMR, the Chicom becomes one of the best guns in the game when you are able to make it fire fully automatic. It fires so rapidly because it is an SMG while having incredible power due to being a burst fire weapon normally, at least for an SMG. Effectively, this gives the power of a rapid fire controller mod inside the game. Numerous times I have run into a room with multiple enemies and came out on top because you can drop enemies so quickly with this gun on full-auto. I also use a reflex sight to improve my aiming and a long barrel to increase the gun's range. Making it full auto makes the gun less accurate so the long barrel attachment counteracts this on top of improving the range of the gun as it is an SMG and has poor(er) range normally. The Primary Gunfighter wildcard allows me to add a third attachment to my primary gun.

I don't normally use a secondary or grenades so I'm not really affected by not having them.

This is just the class setup I use. I would always recommend the select fire attachment but anything else is complete customizable to fit your play style. I would either look to improve on what the Chicom, being a SMG, is already good at, speed and agility, or trying to completely offset its flaws, range and power. I would avoid mixing these as the class would not be as good. Please leave a comment on what your class setup is and how it is different than mine. Also, please leave any suggestions as to how to make this class better. Thanks! :)

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