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Best Sonic The Hedgehog Games 2D and 3D

Updated on October 1, 2010

Best Sonic The Hedgehog Games

Sonic the hedgehog is one of the most recognized video game icons of all time. It first started on the Sega Genesis system in the early 1990s. The 1990s were the best years of Sonic. Today his reception is not as well as it once was. Many think the jump to 3D was a mistake for sonic. Sonic adventure was the first 3D platforming sonic game, but it was one of the most popular games on the Sega Dreamcast.

Keep in mind these are my opinion,however, these were generally well received sonic games. The reception was quite good for these games, unlike shadow the hedgehog. I think shadow the hedgehog was the true downfall for the Sonic franchise. It was glitchy and the implementation of guns was a mistake I would say.


(5) Sonic adventure 2 battle: (Originally on Dreamcast then gamecube)

Sonic adventure 2 battle was the sequel to sonic adventure. It had very similar game play, but most levels were even more faster and complex than the first one. This was Sonic's second 3D platforming game.(and arguably the last great sonic game) This game did away with the hubs in between the levels. It simply went from one level to the next with cut scenes in between. New characters were introduced such as "shadow the hedgehog" and "Rouge The Bat". The levels were brilliantly designed and were fast on sonic and shadow stages. Then the occasional boss fights were included. The story was also quite good for a sonic game. Later levels featured sonic and characters in space.

(4) Sonic The Hedgehog (SEGA GENESIS)

I know many will say this is the best because its the first. The reason why I include it lower is because its sequals took the foundation of this game and developed it further. There was also only 2 characters which were Sonic and Dr. Robotnick.

This game introduced Sonic and his fast paced levels that involved catching rings and stopping Dr. Robotnick. Boss fights were at the end of the levels that were against Dr. Robotnick. The levels were designed very well and the boss fights were created well that became increasingly more difficult. Sonic became known as a very fast game that people loved. Featuring loops,rings,power ups, and well designed environments. Dangers could include traps, falling, and enemies within.

Best Sonic The Hedgehog Games

(3) Sonic Adventure (originally on Dreamcast, later on Gamecube) (Now on Xbox Live Arcade as well 2010)

This was sonic's first 3d platforming game. Along came some fans who thought this ruined sonic because of the transition to 3D. The game was well received for the most part though and became one of Dreamcasts most popular games. Sonic's levels were still very fast, but some other characters were slower. Big the cats was the character most hated. Players could play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, E-102, and Big the cat. Sonic's was the longest though and has faster paced levels. Hubs(or small areas) were in between levels that had story elements, and allowed for limited exploration(not much though). Boss fights would often take place in between levels. After completing all 6 stories, super sonic could be unlocked for the final story. Sonic adventure has well designed levels, decent story for a sonic game, good graphics, and a lot of content. Creatures called "chao" were introduced. The player could raise these creatures and take them to win races. Sonic adventure was a very successful 3D sonic game.

(2) Sonic The Hedgehog 2 ( SEGA GENESIS )

Sonic's second 2D game. This game introduced a fox named "Tails". Tails was a fox that could fly and was sonic's sidekick. He would follow you around during the stages. This game featured the same fast paced levels as the first, but now had a spin dash move. Sonic could now use spin dash to help him get past obstacles faster or take out enemies. The classic boss fights were also still at the end of levels which pitted you against Dr. Robotnick. Later levels included tails flying a plane which sonic rides on. Levels were designed quite well and became increasingly challenging later on.

(1) Sonic the hedgehog 3 (SEGA GENESIS)

Sega's final Sonic the hedgehog 2D adventure(with the exception of of sonic and knuckles which was merely a spin off). This game introduced Knuckles who works for Dr.Robotnick during the game. The levels still had the same formula as previous sonic games, but were taken up a notch. This game was shorter than the others, but had great levels, boss fights, and a few new features. I consider this the best sonic game even though I could say sonic 2 is better to some extent because its longer. In my opinion, this game had the most epic 2D boss fights out of the three games. Previous sonic game featured bonus stages that allowed you to collect chaos emeralds in special stages. This game also offered this except you could now move in 3D to collect orbs to try and win a chaos emerald. (simple 3d though of course)

Do you think Sonics transition to 3D was a mistake?

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    • Grab a Controller profile image


      5 years ago from Largo, FL

      I absolutely love this list! It has all of my favorite games on it, but the order would be slightly different for me. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 was my first video game as a child, and was responsible for making me fall in love with the Blue Blur in the first place.

      Again, amazing hub and list! :)


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