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Sonic Adventure Xbox live arcade review

Updated on October 25, 2010

Sonic Adventure

Sonic adventure is finally available on xbox live arcade as of September 2010. Sonic adventure was the first 3d(platforming) sonic game out originally for the Dreamcast. It was one of Sega Dreamcasts best games. It was also ported to the Gamecube as a directors cut version. It costs 800 points for sonic adventure and an additional 400 points which adds the directors cut version. The directors cut is optional and does not really add much. (mainly adds metal sonic as a play able character to unlock).

What can I say, 800 points for a 3D sonic game with 6 stories. This is a great deal if you enjoyed the original sonic adventure. It is exactly the same game except you can now unlock achievements and avatar awards. Sonic's story will take multiple hours to complete while the others will take about 1 hour or so. If you want to play this game in full screen set it to 480p, and set to full screen on xbox 360 settings. If you play on 720p or higher then you will have two bars making the screen smaller cause the formatting today is different from back then. (No HD or widescreen support for this game back then)

For only 800 points this game does offer quite a lot of content. You can play as sonic, tails, knuckles, big the cat, Amy, and E102 Gamma. There is also the chao gardens where you can raise chao. This is essentially the same game, but if you no longer have your old copy or Dreamcast, then it may be a good idea to purchase this. Even players who have not played sonic adventure will most likely enjoy it. Not every game on xbox live arcade has hours of game play and is a full 3D platforming game. Sonic's story is very fast like it should be of course. His is the longest and probably the best out of all of them. Tails is similar except its shorter and you have to race sonic to win the stages. Knuckles has to find missing pieces of the master emerald on his stages. A beeping sound will indicate how close you are to finding a piece of the master emerald. His stages are much different than sonic and tails, but its decent.

Sonic Adventure

Then you have Amy's stages. Her story his very short. Think sonic, but way slower, and the objective is to avoid one of Eggman's(Dr. Robotnick) robots.Its basic platforming. Nothing more or less. E102's story involves shooting elements which are very easy, but fun. You are one of Eggmans robots which finds his "true destiny". His story is actually quite deep as you will find. Finally you have "Big the cat". The worst story at of them all. The player has to fish in his stages. Fishing in a sonic game? His story is very lack luster and quite silly. I never enjoyed his story when I was a kid and still don't. There is very little platforming and the game play is frustrating.

Sonic adventure involves hubs in between levels. These are essentially small areas in which you travel after completing a stage. Cut scenes will occur and other story related elements will occur. Then of course each character will face bosses. The main boss is known as chaos. Its a divine being from the past in which Eggman is using to his advantage. Chaos continues to evolve with each chaos emerald it receives.

Sonic Adventure is an absolute steal for only 800 points. The addition of achievements and avatar awards. Sadly none of the camera issues were fixed. The camera can be quite horrible at times in sonic adventure. The fast stages and platforming is great, but sometimes the camera screws up. I found this to happen a lot in Sonic's later stages. These issues were never addressed apparently, but considering this game has 6 stories and hours of game play it is more than worth it. After completing 6 stories, a 7th is unlocked to play as super sonic. Sonic adventure for xbox live arcade will satisfy any fan and anyone looking for a good platforming game. This was when Sonic was at his finest unlike today's sonic games....


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    • profile image

      lee brandin detroy 5 years ago

      so they are going to make a xbox 360 sonic adventure DX game in 2012 ,wow this is so cool, but i wish that the game do have some of my female fattales,like big grown big breasted tailsko aka tails/tailsko in the game with a dress, yes, do it, sega, for the sake of all female kitsunes of all of japan and of japan's yana temple,and of all of tokyo,japan,and with big grown big breasted female sonic hedgehog aka sonic the woman in the game too,.. please,do it,sega, and with big grown big breasted miss rouge the bat aka mother of tails/tailsko in the game too,... yes, do it, sega, and with big grown big breasted female shadow hedgehog in the game too,.. with a black dress too,. yes, do it, sega,that will be great for 2012,

    • profile image

      snowy123 6 years ago

      I just want to do the real game i am stuck with the trial witch I think is bad D:.

    • Madhatterni profile image

      Madhatterni 7 years ago

      Chaos were great but when sonic adventures two came out it was a let down. I liked the fact they had good and bad for chao's.

    • profile image

      Ghettotize me capt'n 7 years ago

      Brings back old memories of raising Chao on the gamecube and dream cast. :)