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Best Browser Strategy Game

Updated on July 13, 2016

There are many great and popular strategy games, ranging from the online games like 'Travian' or 'Astro Empires', to the more popular, and much more criticized console games, such as Halo Wars, and Command and Conquer - Red Alert. But none of the above are the games that keep you addicted as much as the ones I am about to discuss, nor do they give you an outstanding gaming experience as my choices. So, let’s take a look at the third section:

Best long term Strategy Game

Basically, this is browser strategy games in short, however I hope someday I can make another version of this guide, as I feel there is a gap in the gaming market that fits in between real time browser strategy games, and the kind of strategy games like Hearts of Iron 3, with a different player online using each country (like Supremacy 1914, but more complex and on a bigger scale). All I will say is I am a massive fan of these games, purely because they have the best gaming communities I have ever seen, in terms of both helping new players out, and competing to be the most elite. Oh, and by long term, I mean servers that battle it out from 2 to 10 years before ending, like my final choice does.

The first game I came across in this category was ‘Ikariam’. This is a game set in ‘The ancient world’, with the graphics looking very much like they are from Greek times, as they have gods you need to pay tribute to, and other Greek cultures thrown in there too.

Now, although I loved this game 4 years ago, I was 12 back then, so after revisiting I have realised that it isn’t what I saw it as. Although I still think the game as a whole is a great game, as it adds simplicity to a genre of gaming that is generally full of ‘The best formula’, I personally think there is too much simplicity. And it isn’t that you get everything easily – as the game is still challenging, but it just has the bare minimum of different type units, and the game hasn’t changed at all since I played it 4 years, which is pretty bad compared to its competitors, and just shows how much they seem to aim at 10 year olds.

Another issue I find with the game is the community. I love a good war game community to talk to, and I just don’t get it here, because the British server seems to be filled with people that just don’t speak English. Keeping in mind that this game has 37 country servers – I think this is an issue they really need to fix.

My second choice has also adopted the first problem I found in Ikariam. It is called ‘Travian’, and it felt to me like the children’s version of my final choice. It has, once again, nice, pretty, clean graphics that have no blood, and everyone is smiling, and features Romans, Gauls and Teutons, who are all the typically famous medieval forces.

Of course, the game wouldn’t be on here unless it had some good points, as it does. The community is decent – as the alliance system actually plays a fairly good part in the game, as it includes a good forum system. Also, it has a good level of strategy to it – for attacking/ defending choices.

There isn’t really much more I can say about this game, as it is just average – it has been around since 2004, so the developers are just keeping it the same to avoid losing customers, instead of doing something innovative like they could.

Now for the final game, which I have loved for about 5 years now, and is the leader in its genre. It is Tribal Wars, Real Time Browser strategy game, with an epic community, and intense tactics that must be put into place in order to win. As the game is called ‘Tribal’ wars, I’m sure you can guess that the game revolves around the ‘tribe’ that you join. These are, in effect, alliances full of players (about 100 on average) that are all willing to help you, or that you can help. Coordinate attacks with them, help each other, send each other resources, or just talk!

And the community doesn’t end there. You can also take a look in the forums, where there is a highly active community discussing the game, or the ‘world’ (server) they are in, as well as a moderator for each of these worlds to ensure it is kept under control (which is done very well, as I have never had an issue that hasn’t been addressed within 2 hours).

There are also a lot of useful websites to help you with war statistics, just generally learning, or anything else you could possibly think of. A few of these or made by InnoGames (Tribal wars developers), but most or community made. For a list of the best ones, please visit my review:

Thanks for reading my reviews on the best strategy games!


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