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Tribal Wars Useful sites

Updated on July 7, 2016

Tribal Wars


Well, the name of the article says it all really, i wont take too long introducing the article. Basically, im going to highlight, and explain, some of the best sites you can use in conjunction with the game 'Tribal Wars', a great browser-strategy game, which is free to play.

First of all is the most obvious, Twstats. This website is probably the most used for help with the game, and is considered as a more official site. You can use this for checking another players history, or another tribes history (such as point growth, OD related growth, tribe movement, etc). There is also an archive for old tribes/players on a world, so if you want to hunt down some old friends but can't remember their names - this is the place.

There also the statistics on there, of the whole of the game, and worlds individually, which can be useful if you don't want to go searching through the rankings for how many players are on the world.

The main parts of the site i personally used are located on the right hand side of the screen, after you click on the world you want to go onto. These are the map tool, the conquer map tool, the attack planner, the mailing list generator, and the war stats. The map tool is generally used by tribal leadership to highlight enemies to the tribe, however members can also benefit from reviewing a situation with this tool, as it allows you to place tribe markers, and player markers, with a removable continent grid - so you can view and assess any situation.

The other part i will highlight is the slightly less obvious, to make this article a bit shorter. The attack planner isn't for a tribal-wide attack plan, it is for individual(or tribal if your organized) attacks to be planned, in order for them to land at the same time. It asks you to select the village to attack with, what village you are targeting, and what the slowest troop will be - and then it calculates when you will need to send the attack. useful for earlier on in the game, but it is time consuming if you want it on mass scale.

For more details about Twstats, please read my more in-depth guide here:

Secondly, this is a post in the games forums, with links to many different guides that could be useful. Click here to go to the forum post.
Not much i can say about this, except it has beginner, intermediate and advanced guides all in one place - categorized and rated for quick and easy viewing. It covers most of the things you will need to know for the game, so its worth a scroll through.

There are more useful sites, im sure, but these are the ones that have been most helpful to me personally. Send me, danhodge, a message in game, if you have any questions - and i will gladly answer it. Thanks for reading, and i hope it helps.

Please visit my site for more Tribal Wars guides:


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    • profile image

      TWMan 4 years ago

      Have you tried looking at it is a very useful website, has a number of guides and tips for tribal wars