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Best toys for xmas 2009

Updated on October 19, 2012

Help guide for finding the best toys for your kids this christmas 2009

If your looking for quality information about the best prezzies around this christmas  then you have come to the right place. Maybe you like to get your kid the best selling toy or the toy that every kid is talking about or your curiosity just got the better of you and you wanted to see what this hub page was all about. Well i have been doing a lot of browsing lately for toys myself as i have children and i have come across some cool toys and some damn right weird ones too.

Firstly i have come across a new toy called ZHU ZHU Hamsters and they seem to be a very big seller. They are a collection of five hamsters that move about and interact with each other and the child that plays with them. The hamsters all have their own names and different characteristics. Theses hamsters come with a lot of add ons, accesories which you have to buy seperatly. These toys are being targeted for the age group of four to ten years of age due to small parts. But if you want one of these fantatic toys hurry well in advance.

Another toy well i wouldnt say toy. I mean games console that is selling really well is nintendo ds consoles and DSI,s. I know because i have struggled immensely to try and win one of ebay for my kid. You can pick these up reletavely cheap from off ebay nowadays but that doesnt mean that they are yesterday's toys.....Far from it especially the DSI console which has so many other features and gadgets with it.

Another big one flying off the shelfes is the ipod's especially the new colour ipod nanos. If you have a teen  i highly reccomend one of these... especially if you want to keep them quiet for a while. Probably alot better than getting them a stereo as you wouldnt get any peace and quiet with all the music blaring.

If your the bargain hunter type...well who isn't in times like this just log onto ebay as most of the stuff sold on here is reduced by half. Another great offer i have seen is woolworths online did you hear me right yes you did woolworths online. They are doing this great offer at the moment where you buy 3 for the price of 2 on selected toys.

Oh yeah i almost forgot as well to mention that when you spend £50.00 at argos they give you a free £5.00 voucher and £10.00 voucher for £100 spent.

Whatever you decide to get your kids this christmas i think they will appreciate the true meaning of christmas is not all about receiving but also giving as well and knowing that christmas is about the birth of baby jesus.

Hope you find what toys your looking for this year but if its the popular toy you want book or buy in advance as nobody likes dissapointment on christmas day.

HELPFUL TIP: I have noticed if you get cheaper prezzies kids will have more and less for the more expensive ones which has caused many arguments on christmas day in my house. For example my teenage daughter got a high priced computer console  and a few other prezzies. When she looked at the other kids piles of presents she said it wasnt fair but we had to explain that she had had the same amount of money as the others just that there presents wasnt as expensive has her one console so technically they got more to open cos they were cheaper.

ZHU ZHU hamster


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