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Big Gift Ideas: Large Toys That are Over 3 Feet

Updated on June 23, 2012
Large toys have always captured our attention when we were kids
Large toys have always captured our attention when we were kids | Source

How often do we hear kids say “I like this toy but it was a bit small”?

Although most kids know how to appreciate, they really like big toys. This is because large toys for them mean that they have something valuable in their possession. When made to choose between a smaller toy with intricate design and various features, and a big colorful but otherwise plain toy, they almost always choose the larger one.

Why a large toy?

We, as adults have always been fascinated with large objects and kids are very much the same. We appreciate large buildings, ships and spaceships. And we always wonder what they can do or how they look inside.

But big toys are not only sources of amazement. They can also take away the fear that children have of large objects and big challenges. From big toys, they learn to tackle big obstacles and win. From them, they develop skills to control and work with large objects. They also give kids avenues to exercise their large muscles as well.

The toys listed below are usually more than 3 feet in length or height. Some of them are oversized versions of the things adults use.

In case you're interested in small toys, there's also a list of Small Gift Ideas: Cute Toys for Kids and Adults.

1. Exercise Equipment Toys

These toys are miniature versions of the fitness equipments that adults use to stay fit. They are very functional and can tone our children’s muscles, although they should be used more for fun and play. They give our kids the chance to experience what adults do when they workout.

There is a separate list of these kind of toys in the hub:

2. Sports Equipment Toys

Sports equipment toys consist of basketball sets, hockey sets or t-ball sets. They are the toys that introduce kids to sports. They teach little kids about what it is like to be an athlete.

3. Big Plush Toys

Remember Calvin and Hobbes? Their adventures are some of the things that these stuffed toys bring to the kids. They can wrestle with them or hug them. They can sleep with these toys by their bedside too.

4. Inflatables

These colorful lightweight toys always grab children’s attention at parties. It is more common for them to be punched or pushed than to be hugged. But because they are lightweight, these toys make excellent playmates for kids who like to move things around.

5. Riding Toys

Riding toys give children the experience of what it is like to drive around on wheels. These toys teach kids about control and spatial differences. They learn to stay clear of obstacles and refrain from bumping into things.

6. Train Sets

Trains mesmerize adults and kids alike as they go round and round. Although there are train sets that are complex and may have been made to entertain adults rather than kids, still, there are train sets that are simple enough for kids to assemble and have fun with.

7. Kites

Kites teach children about the dynamics of flight. Children learn that the wind must blow in the opposite direction for these sky curtains to fly. It makes kids wonder how high the clouds are and what makes birds fly.

There are also other flying toys listed in:

8. Play Sets

Each piece may not be 3 feet in length but line them up and they'll be lengthy.

Play sets encourage role play. They motivate children to imagine and think creatively as they act out their role. These toys teach kids how to group similar pieces and associate them with real situations and objects.

9. Piano Mats

These oversized musical instruments put large muscles at work to make sounds. They introduce children to music. Kids, in turn, learn the concept of cause and effect. Children will have fun playing Happy Birthday on them.

10. Giant Building Blocks

These giant building blocks can be made into cities or castles. They develop good eye-hand coordination as well as planning and imagination skills. They also learn what makes objects stable and what causes structures to topple down.


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