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Small Gift Ideas: Cute Toys for Kids and Adults

Updated on June 22, 2012
Small gifts can be big surprises
Small gifts can be big surprises | Source

Small gifts are not to be outdone by the large ones. Large gifts are not always appropriate in every situation. What’s more is that usually, small gifts are the ones that are more valuable and heart warming.

Small presents are perfect gifts for those we do not have a close relationship with. For example, at work, you can give it to a co-worker as a way of saying thank you for helping out on a project. Or during the holiday season, when exchanging gifts, a witty desktop toy is a wonderful Christmas gift to give.

For a boyfriend or girlfriend, a nice gift would be something that is easy to bring everywhere. You can give something that the two of you can have memorable moments with. It can also be something that you can be remembered by before going to sleep.

For children, little toys make good gifts because they help develop good eye-hand coordination. Educational toys, in addition, help improve their skills and contribute a lot to their learning process. There are toys too that lull babies to sleep.

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Planets, stars and other heavenly bodies are nice to look at before going to sleep
Planets, stars and other heavenly bodies are nice to look at before going to sleep | Source

1. Playing Cards. They can be the typical playing cards that we all are familiar to but there are newly invented ones that are fun to play with as well. Some of them include the Uno, Five Crowns, Sleeping Queens and Quiddler.

2. Bananagrams. The Bananagrams is like scrabble but without the board. The aim of the game is to use up all the letters you have in your hand to create words.

3. Plush Toys. These cuddly toys are favorite gifts to babies and teens. You may find the plush toys based from movie characters as cute. They have big eyes, large heads and small bodies.

Plush toys with added functions:

  • Plush Toys with Soothing Sound. They help children sleep soundly by playing lullabies and soft sounds.
  • Stuffed Toys with a Star Projector. They turn the room into a starry sky by projecting constellations and heavenly objects on ceilings and walls.
  • Talking Plush Toys. These toys come with prerecorded sounds. Some also come with recorders so kids can playback their favorite phrases. Good for leaving messages and reminders for your loved ones.

4. Rubik's Cube. These famous puzzle cubes now have 2 x 2 up to 7 x 7 versions. Some are oddly shaped as well.

5. Piggy Bank. What makes this toy unique is that it can be used as a tool to let kids know how fulfilling it is to work towards a common goal. Saving for something you both will cherish by dropping a few coins each day is very memorable. This time you and your kid’s goal can be to save up on a gift to give grandma for the holidays.

6. Spy Gears. Discretely observing someone has now been made playfully hi-tech.

  • Rear View Sunglasses. These are sunglasses retrofitted with mirrors so you can look at someone behind you. However, they should not be used as a rear view mirror when driving.
  • Spy Watch. These watches have cameras for taking photos and recording videos. Some can record in the dark as well.
  • Night Vision Goggles. These infrared goggles allow you to see in the dark. It is a good toy to bring in camping trips.

An ant colony is a very busy place
An ant colony is a very busy place | Source

7. Fake Mustaches. These toys instantly grow manly hairs on the face or fingers. They are for children who want to know what their mothers will look like with a mustache on.

8. Magic 8 Ball. These fortune telling balls now have different versions including digital ones. The newer versions have more funny quips and perplexing answers.

9. Perplexus Maze Game. You guide the marble in this puzzle toy by flipping and spinning the maze encased in a crystal clear ball. They are fun to bring along on long trips.

10. Fascinations Antworks. This is a small aquarium wherein you look after ants instead of fishes. Watch the ants as they move to and fro while eating their way to build a nest.

11. Solar Toys. These toys are simple sun-powered machines. They come in the form of grasshoppers, robots and flowers.

12. Zen Magnets. These are powerful magnets that you can align into different geometric shapes. The recommended age is 14 though.

13. Slinky. Handheld, this spring toy can almost function as a stress ball in relieving stress. Feel your tension go away as you watch the springs transfer from one hand to the other.

Sand Hour Glass
Sand Hour Glass | Source

14. Desktop Toys. Some common desktop toys include the drinking bird and the sand hour glass. But there are newer desktop toys that come as levitating devices and mini-games. Here are some desktoys that you can watch or play while waiting:

  • Hog Wild Romp - a pendelum that varies its swing everytime you change the position of the magnets below it.
  • Doctor Who: Desktop Patrol Red Dalek - a roving toy that does not fall or bump into things on your table because of built-in sensors.
  • Desktop Bowling Game - a mini-bowling alley so you can score a strike anywhere.
  • Pin Art - a set of smooth mini-pins inside a box lets you create impressions of your nose, hands or fingers. You can make 3D sculptures too.
  • Rockstar Finger Drums - use your fingers to create different beats on this mini-drumset. It can record too.

15. Crocodile Dentist. This is a guessing game about the location of the tooth that triggers the crocodile to bite. Share the fun with others by letting them get a chance to be bitten as well.

A close look at a sunflower
A close look at a sunflower | Source

16. Mini Microscopes. These are pocket microscopes for taking a closer look at things in a different way. Now you can take a closer look at flowers without cutting them from the stem.

17. Cute Animal Erasers. These erasers function are fun figures as well. They are great toys to play with after studying.

18. Puppets. They come as either finger puppets or hand puppets. You can now develop your ventriloquist skills.

19. Handheld Video Games. It is surprising to know that there are reasonably priced handheld video games nowadays. There are a lot to choose from too.

20. Jewelry Boxes. These toys not only keep your valuables, they enhance your mood by playing soft melodies. They dance for you as well.

Small, well-thought of gifts can turn out as big surprises. They can be simple yet memorable like an every morning hello. They can also be as endearing as engagement rings.


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    • itops profile image

      itops 6 years ago from the sea

      Oh! It's nice to know that you're in high spirits! Good luck on the Secret Santa! :)

    • CocoasLoop profile image

      CocoasLoop 6 years ago from Durham, NC

      oh yes big family and thats just here in NC, but yes the holidays always cheers me up - Tis' the season :o ).... and thanks i tend to enjoy : o)

    • itops profile image

      itops 6 years ago from the sea

      Wow! You've got a big familly there CocoaSloop. And I'm glad to hear that you're all enthusiastic (with all the meetings and plannings) about the Christmas season as well. Hope your Secret Santa pushes through. It's fun to receive gifts - even if its just a candy bar.

      Thanks for the comment! :)

    • itops profile image

      itops 6 years ago from the sea

      Hi Om!

      Bananagrams widen your vocabulary as well. I guess that's one of your secrets for coming up with informative hubs! :)

      I've yet to comment on the interesting hand pictures you posted. You've got beautiful pics there. I read it while I was offline that's why I wasn't able to do so.

      Crocodile dentist is also a good alternative to drawing straws too! :)

      Thanks for dropping by a comment!

    • CocoasLoop profile image

      CocoasLoop 6 years ago from Durham, NC

      Good Ideas! my family of 30 (just the adults alone), just had a discussion on how to go about with gifts and if we should do "Secret Santa" this year. Thanks for this post will be bring the ideas to our meeting/dinner this weekend!

    • Om Paramapoonya profile image

      Om Paramapoonya 6 years ago

      Great gift ideas. I love Bananagrams. I used to play it with my coworkers during lunch break. Crocodile Dentist also sounds like fun. :)

    • itops profile image

      itops 6 years ago from the sea

      Hi ChaplinSpeaks!

      I guess one of the reasons why children love small toys is because they can bring it with them everywhere. It's also good to bring them along when buying toys so they can choose for themselves. That way, you'll also know the things that they're interested at.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! :)

    • ChaplinSpeaks profile image

      Sarah Johnson 6 years ago from Charleston, South Carolina

      Great gift ideas. It never fails that my children love the small inexpensive toy from the dollar store more than the big expensive present from grandma!