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Bioshock 2 Hints and Tips

Updated on July 3, 2010

Bioshock 2

   Bioshock 2 is the successful sequel that lets you return to the city of rapture. This time you take control over a big daddy! Yes, it may seem easy, but many will try to thwart your plans. There will be many splicers, other big daddy's, and a new enemy the big sisters standing in your way. Bioshock is much different from other first person video games. One reason is because you are in an underground city that has amazing atmosphere. This time you will actually get to explore the ocean depths in the big daddy suit unlike the first game where you could only peer out of the windows. The other reason its much different is because the game play is much more of a "methodical approach". You need to think before running in guns blazing. Its not just about shooting crazy or taking cover. Its about putting the odds in your favor. To get the full experience I would recommend playing on normal or higher. This will make the game longer in duration and more challenging. You will have the tools and the ability to make it through if you put those odds in your favor. In this guide I will outline what it takes to get through on the harder difficulties.

Adopt, Harvest or Rescue the little sisters?

This time around you have the option of adopting little sisters to gather adam for you or harvesting the little sisters. Adam lets you buy more plasmids and upgrades to your health and such. If you wish to adopt the little sisters you can let them guide you to the where the adam is. You can also choose to harvest them whether if this is when you are about to put them back into the vents or when you take out the big daddy defending them.


If you choose to adopt the little sisters then they will lead you to some adam. On the xbox 360 the button should be x for the little sister to show you a path. Once you find a body that has adam you can let her gather it. You must be aware that once you start this that splicers will come running and try and hurt you and the little sister. They want the adam for themselves. It is also possible for a big sister to come after you once you are done using the little sisters.

The best thing to do is look around in the area for where the splicers can possibly come from. Setting traps is ideal for the protection of you and the little sister. It takes some time for the little sister to gather the adam. The Rivet gun is great for making traps. You simply shoot the grounds or walls where you think enemies will arrive. Never fear though as they will not hurt you if you walk over them. Try and set up as many as you can and put them in good spots.Also scout the area for security cameras to hack so the the enemies will get attacked when alerted. This will help considerably since many splicers will come and try and attack the little sister gathering adam. If you acquire the cyclone trap plasmid than set it on spots where the splicers could come through to. The best places to put any trap is in front of door ways, near walls, and the little sister itself for extra protection.


   There are two times when you can harvest the little sister. The first is when you take out the big daddy guarding the sister or after you're done adopting the little sister and take her back to the vent and choose "harvest" instead of 'rescue". If you choose to rescue her you get less adam and the sister will be saved. Harvesting her will get you more adam, but she will not survive the process. It is your choose what to to.

Fighting Big Daddys and Big sisters

- The Big Daddy

-The big daddy will never attack you unless provoked. You will never be able to get adam unless you fight the big daddy and claim the little sister though. The best thing to do is be prepared for the bid daddy and only attack when your ready. Even getting close to the little sister will anger the big daddy once you attack it you're in for a fight.

-Look in the surroundings and see if there are any security cameras and turrets to hack. these can be in your favor when fighting the big daddy. They will help you fight him.

-If you see the big daddy walking in water and you have the electro bolt plasma then you can get a small advantage as it will do more damage.

-Make sure you have plenty of health and med kits before attempting to fight the big daddy

-Be sure to have enough EVE so you can use your plasmids as long as possible.

-Have enough ammo in your weapons and use your most powerful firearms first

-Set traps for the big daddy such as cyclone traps and trap rivets

- Keep shooting the big daddy and using your plasmids fast. Be aggressive as the big daddy can do a lot of damage to you.

-Try and keep your distance when possible and do as much damage before he closes in on you


-Big Sisters are much more tougher than the big daddy. They are more agile and will attack randomly after rescuing or harvesting the little sisters. These can strike at any time after using the little sisters so be alert

-Watch for what the big sisters throw at you. Try and take cover behind something if possible

-Use your electro bolt to freeze and go in for melee attacks. This often does more damage

-Remember to use your med kits when health gets low

-Watch out for the incinerate attacks big sisters throw at you which is often multiple

-Be aggressive just like you should when fighting big daddys

General game play advise

-Keep as many health kits on hand as possible

-Always loot the enemy corpses for ammo,health kits, and money. If you do not loot enemies you will find you self in precarious positions such as running out of ammo and eve hypos

-Hack security cameras and turrest when possible. These will fight for you and are very effective against the splicers.

-Hack vending machines, ammo bandito, med stations, and circus of values. You get a discount price when hacking. If you hit red you will be damaged. Green is successful. Blue is a bonus where you can get a free item(very useful). Hitting none of these colors will result in the security coming.

-Always keep an eye on your ammo and make every shot count

-Use your plasmids only when you have to and do not miss and waste them on easy enemies since you will be using eve.Save them and shoot them only when in need.

-Choose wisely at a gatherer's garden as you will not get enough adam to purchase everything. Health upgrades are pretty vital and should be purchased whenever possible.

-Power to the people machines enable you to upgrade a weapon. You will only be able to use each machine once. Make sure you upgrade a weapon you will use often and one that will be useful for your tactics

-Set traps often and use hack guns to hack things from a distance

Do you usually harvest or rescue little sisters?

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    • profile image

      Leon 5 years ago

      On the Hacking, White causes the shock, Red summons security, and I find a very effective way to fight both big Daddies and Big sisters is with the Winter Blast/Drill combination

    • profile image

      Dan 7 years ago

      Good stuff my man :) Game has to be played on hard IMO