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Modern Warefare 2 How to Beat "High Explosive" on veteran

Updated on September 2, 2011
They are tough but can be beaten
They are tough but can be beaten

Completing Spec ops mission high explosive

   Many of the veteran missions on Modern Warfare 2 can be really tough on veteran especially without a friend since you are going in alone without help. Echo is the final chapter with three missions that one of them includes the high explosive which is very challenging. Its best to do this with a friend, but it is of course possible to do it yourself. There are many ways of doing this mission in which some are the legit way and some are glitches or "cheap ways" of doing it.

   In the Spec ops mission high explosive you are to defeat 10 juggernauts only using explosives. This may sound easy at first, but you will only have the grenade launcher and rocket launcher. Of course you can still use flash and frag grenades. In other missions using a sniper rifle could silence these foes pretty easily, but you will not be offered any this mission. You will only have the grenade launcher and rocket launcher. The map you are on is favela which is basically a maze of buildings in which you will be fighting amongst.


   It is highly recommended you have a partner on this mission since you will be outnumbered at times. You have to kill 10 juggernauts, but do not fear not all at once. However, you may fight upwards of one-three at a time. After you defeat one more will spawn until you have killed them all. The first thing you will notice when you spawn is an ammo box in front of you and a path to the left, middle, and right. This is a good place to camp, but you must be very careful. Sometimes at the beginning you can quickly run to the left and see a juggernaut and dispose of him quickly. This will be random though. When using the grenade launcher it is best to try to shoot them in the head for most damage. Missing a juggernaut completely can be fatal. They are very powerful especially since its on veteran. You can try planting claymores on all the sides so you will be alerted for when they arrive just make sure none are around and make it snappy. This will not be enough to kill them, but will alert you and weaken them. C4s are also good to use as well. 

   When you think you are setup hide behind the cars and wait for the claymores to go off. When you see the juggernauts  immediately fire and attempt to hit them in the head. Use the ammo container if you require ammo. Sometimes you may have to provoke them to come so one of you (if your playing with two players) should go around the corner and try and get one to spawn just do not get killed.  Eventually you will probably not be able to stay at the spawn so find a path where their not coming from and move around the map. Flash grenades can be very useful. Have your partner throw it the juggernaut and shoot him. They will not be able to fire right away. The best thing to do is try and keep your distance and finish them off before they get close. Aiming the grenade launcher is not advised since it takes to much time same goes for the rocket launcher.

Main points

- Aim for the head or a good body shot missing can be fatal for you and your partner

-Plant claymores in good spots

-Refil ammo when needed

-Use flash/stun to get a few shots on a juggernaut and possibly finish him off

-Keep moving if your position is no good such as three juggernauts coming. At this point find a way around the map and shoot them only when a good opportunity ensues. Keep an eye out and eye on radar itself.

-Shoot explosive barrels if their near juggernauts for extra damage.

-Take cover when you have to(which will be a lot) but be aggressive from a distance

The cheap way and gliches

   There are other ways to beat this mission, but one of them could get patched so it may not work forever. The first one is the doorway method. (must have 2 players) Have your partner stand in front of a door way where you can go prone behind a wall to prevent getting shot. Let him get down from a juggernaut. Have him (or you) knife and shoot the juggernaut before  he can not fire anymore from taking damage. Revive the player and repeat. This can be tedious, but the juggernaut will not be able to get through the doorway and  kill you as long as your behind a good wall and your teammate can keep getting revived and keep knifing and shooting the pistol.

   Another way which does always work and may be patched is to leave the map. When you spawn go to the far right corner of the map where there is an ammo container and a path leading out. You will see stairs and it will say turn back. Go to the right by a fence. The juggernauts should follow you and you can keep shooting the stairs or quickly peer out and shoot them. Just be careful on ammo as you may run out and might not be able to go back if the juggernauts come. You can also fail if your on the turn back message for to long. This is a pretty good method, but sometimes the juggernauts come up the stairs and this could be patched in the future.

Whats your method to beat High explosive on veteran?

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    • Pie-express profile image

      Pie-express 7 years ago from Illinois

      Nice, There are other methods that I found to work also. Like when you first start out there is a small little house to the left of the ammo box and theres only one door entrance that those Juggernauts can use to get in. you can just light up the door way and if you need to get out just slip out the window in the back and when they walk out of the house, jump back in. camping with style.