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Black Ops Call of the Dead Zombie Map Tips Part 1/2

Updated on May 28, 2011

Black Ops Call of the Dead

This article will cover some tips for the zombie map called "Call of the Dead" for Call of Duty Black Ops. This map is only playable by purchasing the Escalation map pack -- which also contains four online multiplayer maps. This is not a strategy for Call of the Dead necessarily, but rather a guide for the level itself.

First and foremost, understand that Call of the Dead is not a map where you can stay in one area for very long. That's right, this is NOT a "camper friendly" map. You need to constantly move to avoid getting attacked and overrun by zombies. This does not mean you can not defend an area for a while, but staying in the same place indefinitely will likely get you killed or endanger others. This is the first map to only have one window at the spawn point. Most of the zombies will come out of the ground.

Call of the Dead Escape Mechanisms

While there are no traps on this level, there are plenty of ways you can escape from the hordes of zombies.

(1) The ziplines are very useful for escaping the zombies.
Use the ziplines to distance your self from the zombies. There are two ziplines on this map. The first is on top of the ship near the power switch. Rappelling down this zipline will take you back to the spawn point near the water. You can stand on top of the ship and shoot some zombies before rappelling down. Jump once you are about to get over run or are taking damage.

The second zipline is at the very top of the lighthouse. Rappelling down this will take you to the far end of the wrecked ship. It is very effective to stand near the zipline and shoot zombies coming up the lighthouse. They will also come from the windows so be cautious. Once the zombies are about to over run you, use the zipline!

( Note that the zombies and the director George A. Romero can use the ziplines too. )

Black Ops Call of the Dead

The next escape mechanism is the flipper.The flipper is a platform located near the top of the wrecked ship that can send you the other side of the map. The boat by the cave needs to be removed to use this though. This is great for escaping from the zombies in a hurry! Just be careful as the mechanism activates by itself. You can not activate it yourself. The flipper automatically activates every few seconds.Once you use it, you will be sent to the lighthouse balcony. It flips you to the other side very quickly!

Call of the Dead Environmental Factors

Do Not Stay In The Water Too Long! The water on Call of the Dead can freeze you! If you stay in it too long, your character will become frozen. You will not go down, but will be frozen until you get hit by something. Jumping in the water while running can minimize the time it takes to get frozen.

Do not shoot George A. Romero until your ready to kill him! Shooting George A. Romero will make him enter his berserk mode. He will run very fast and attack the nearest player. Avoid shooting him because he will be a major distraction when trying to kill zombies and can potentially kill you. Sometimes, he can get you stuck in between corners. Only shoot George A. Romero when your ready to kill him because he has a HUGE amount of health! Upgraded weapons are the only way to take his health down quicker, and even then, it still takes a long time to kill him.

Do not knife the zombies hanging upside down in the cave! For some reason, when you knife the upside down zombies inside the cave, your character gets turned around. This can get you killed if there are many zombies behind you since your character is facing in the opposite direction. I do not know why this happens, but perhaps the developers did this to make the level more challenging.



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