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Black Ops Call of the Dead Zombie Map Tips Part 2/2

Updated on May 28, 2011

Black Ops Call of the Dead Tips Part 2/2

This is the second part for tips on the zombie map called Call of the Dead for Call of Duty Black ops. Call of the Dead does not have many locations to defend for long periods of time like previous maps.The zombie level Der Riese, for example, had a catwalk where players could sit and defend against zombies while the zombies ran up the stairs. Players could camp up there for a long period of time. It was one of the primary strategies of that map because zombies could not come from behind you.

Call of the Dead is much more difficult to just stay in one area too long. This is mainly contributed to the fact that George A. Romero will constantly follow players & attack players if they get to close. Another reason is because zombies will come out of the ground and many other places. On top of that, the mystery box and pack-a-punch machine has multiple locations, which essentially forces players to move to get more ammo or upgrade weapons etc. In Call of the Dead, you should be running around the map, and only periodically stop to shoot groups of zombies behind you.

---Call of the Dead Zombie Level Tips---

Pay attention to where the mystery box is located. The mystery box is very important because it gives you weapons that you can not buy off walls on the map. It also only costs 950 points, but it will always give you a random weapon just like in previous zombie maps. The mystery box has 6 locations on this map, but you can see where it is by looking for a blue light casting into the sky. You can actually spot this light at the start of the game. Players should use this box as soon as possible because the zombies become stronger later in the game. Make crawlers to stall the rounds if you have to in order to have time to use the mystery box. Using the mystery box multiple times will make it change its location.

Decide what perks you want (Maximum 4, one exception only) This map has many perks, but you will only be able to buy a maximum of 4. The perks are juggernog, speed cola, quick revive, double tap, stamin-up, PHD Flopper, and Deadshot. Be careful when deciding which perks to buy because you can not acquire more than 4 at a time. The only exception is if you kill George A.Romero, who gives you a free random perk bottle ( If you already have 4 perks, you will be able to get 5-7 in this regard). Buy perks according to how you play or what weapons you have. For example, if your using a ray gun and scavenger, buy PHD Flopper because it will protect you from the explosive effect of these weapons (VERY USEFUL COMBO).

Black Ops Call of the Dead Tips Part 2/2

The MP40 and MP5 are great for making points & are relatively powerful. These two weapons can be bought off the walls in Call of the Dead. They are fully automatic submachine guns that can make you a lot of points, and are great when you need ammo. Each weapon only costs 1000 points and buying ammo costs 500 points. These are not as powerful as a machine gun like the RPK or HK21, but they will help you make a lot of points to buy perks, upgrade weapons, open barricades, and use the mystery box. I highly recommend these weapons when you do not have a strong weapon or need to make points.

Keep moving on this level, with occasional stops to shoot the zombies behind you. As mentioned earlier in this article, it is nearly impossible to stay in one area too long because of George A. Romero and the zombies. Keep moving and occasionally stop to shoot at the zombies behind you. A good area to stop is at the top of the lighthouse and shoot all the zombies coming up the spiral staircase. Another good area is to shoot the zombies in the pathway underneath the ship, but be careful because zombies will come out of the ground.

Think twice before picking up a nuke power up! While it may seem smart to pick up nukes, zombies will respawn once the current ones die out. This is bad because if you had 20 zombies behind you & they die from the nuke, for example, about 20 more will likely spawn in front of you possibly blocking your path. This is not a problem in the early rounds, but it is in the higher rounds 15+.

You can tell George A. Romero is hurt when his studio light turns to a pink color. George A. Romero has a ton of health, however, you can tell he is getting hurt when his studio light starts to lose its blue aura. Once his studio light starts dimming to a pink color, it means he is hurt very bad.



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