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Black ops Kino Der Toten Zombie Survival Methods

Updated on February 23, 2011

There are numerous methods to ensure your survival on the nazi zombie map Kino Der Toten for Call Of Duty Black Ops. This hub will sort of be a continuation of one of my previously written strategies for running around the map.(See here) There are very small minuscule things you can do on Kino Der Toten that can either make or break your game. These things can include, buying perks, buying the right weapons, using the magic box, making zombies crawlers, turning on machine gun turrets, and using electric barriers. All these factors can contribute to your failure or success on Kino Der Toten. Just like many previous nazi zombie maps, there are electric fences. This map has a new feature, a machine gun turret that will shoot zombies for you. This will provide you with some cover in the game.

Electric barriers

There are quite a few electric barriers on this map. These are very useful if your running around the map, and have a ton of zombies behind you. These cost 1000 points to use, so use them sparingly. If you have loads of money, this may not be an issue. Electric barriers can kill you,however, so when you use them, make sure other players are on the same side of you. If you leave them behind, then they may be taken out by the zombies easily. Also, be careful not to activate the wrong barriers. If you have a trail of zombies behind you, hit the switch that activates the one behind you. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, you may activate a wrong switch and it activates the one in front of you. This blocks your path, and the zombies behind you surround you! This happened to me once, I deliberately told someone not to activate one of those fences cause we'll be trapped. He turned it on anyway. We lost at round 26 because of that....

Buy Juggernog Perk first

In nearly all cases, you should buy the juggernog perk first. Why? Because it gives you extra health, and if you buy other perks first, you may waste your money on them because you might get downed(or die) and lose them. Juggernog should be bought before speed cola and the other perks. It is the most important perk cause it directly protects you.


Running out of ammo

You should always be on the lookout for max ammo's, however, if you run out of ammo completely, buy ones off the wall even if they are no good. The mp40 is decent, and can be easily accessed when running down the stairs in the room before the dressing room.

It should also be noted that if you upgrade a weapon, it replenishes ammo, and gives you more overall

Dog rounds give max ammo at the end

Always try and save your best weapon cause you will get a max ammo at the end of dog rounds. Tip: Reload your gun before getting a max ammo. Why? Because you lose ammo when you pick up a max ammo with 0 bullets in a clip. This is very important if your using a machine gun with 100 + rounds in the magazine.

Use machine gun turrets when needed

There are a few machine gun turrets that can be activated. They cost some points to activate, but may help in a bad situation. They are good for taking out a lot of zombies. They also can save you some ammo, except you spend money using them. Do not overuse them or you will run out of points.

Finding the magic box

The magic box will change time to time when you receive a teddy bear out of it. In front of the box is a map. This map will indicate the location of where the magic box will spawn next. This is important because the magic box gives you the best weapons. A light will be on one of the areas on the layout of the map.

Use the teleporter

If you use the teleporter it will send you to a safe room. In this room, you can shoot out at zombies from above. They can not get you from this position. You can also upgrade your guns here. Some players like to throw a bunch of grenades out the window to make crawlers. Unload on the zombies when your in this room. It gives you the upper hand until your automatically teleported back to the lobby.

For more information about Nazi Zombies, check out my new website. Its still in the developmental stages, but will be refreshed often.


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      minecraft 5 years ago

      i love 2 thinks in this world pie and minecraft

    • profile image

      isaac 5 years ago

      i knew all of this i was just trying to figure out how to get passed round 40. for some dumb reason there is never any max ammos so im stuck using traps and wall guns. then eventually u get trapped. if someone can help with my ammo problem thatd be great

    • profile image

      richard 5 years ago

      you really helped me out.

    • profile image

      daniel 5 years ago

      thanks that was awsome

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      what guns are the best to camp with 5 years ago

      i dont understand the strategy its to confusing to get it all

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      hamoud 5 years ago

      it was so amezing

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