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Call of Duty Black Ops zombies money making tips

Updated on January 27, 2011

Making money(or points) on zombie mode in Call Of Duty Black Ops is essential to success. If you do not spend your money properly, or do not try to make as much money as possible, you may find yourself dead in the later rounds. Of course, you will eventually die, as you can not win,however, you will want to get as far as possible. Depending on how many people you play with will dictate how much potential money you make. If you were to play with two people,(including yourself) you may make 1000s at the very beginning, although the game will be harder to survive. The money will be distributed much differently when playing with four people. There are numerous things that you can do to make as much money as possible at the very beginning of the game. This goes for every zombie map. Whether your playing the classic zombie maps, or the new maps, "five", or "Kino Der Toten".

1. At the beginning of each game, do not buy a weapon off the wall right away. You can make more money by using your pistol at the beginning. Take a position at one of the windows and shoot the zombies with your pistol to acquire more points. The pistol may not be very powerful, but allows you to make money because of the number of body shots. If your playing with 2 people or less, then you may want to buy a weapon off the wall at the beginning, other than that do not buy one off the wall.

2. Don't pick up nuke power ups all the time. You can make much more money shooting zombies with multiple gun shots, then one nuke. The nuke will give you a few hundred points, but may make you less than if you fought all the zombies single handed. The nuke should only be used if you absolutely need it. Picking them up all the time may affect how much total money you have later.


3. Let the zombies break down windows at the beginning. You make 10 points for each board repaired on a window. This will allow you to maximize your points when you are also shooting zombies with the pistol.

4. In addition with letting the zombies break down barriers, let some zombies in. Shoot them a few times and they may drop a power up. One of the zombies may drop a double points power up. Shooting zombies with each shot doubles, and so does repairing windows. Each window board you repair now gives you 20 points instead of 10. This is a big difference, and the money you make at the beginning will help later.

5. Use money making weapons. When I say money making weapons, I am referring to guns that take multiple shots to kill a zombie. Machine guns, and assault rifles are money making guns. Every shot you make gives you points, and killing the zombie itself also does. Guns like the shotgun are good, but may not make you as much money. A machine gun out of the magic box will make you loads of credits because it carries a lot of ammo, and takes multiple shots to kill a zombie.

6. To save money, always have the person with the most points open a door or barrier. In this fashion, everyone will save more money in the long run and the players who don't have a lot of money will not go broke.

7. Instead of constantly buying more ammo off the walls, look for a max ammo that zombies sometimes drop. This is free. Spending to much money by buying ammo off the walls can hurt you later on. This does not mean you should not buy ammo off the walls, but you should only do it when you have to.

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