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Blood Battalion (Blood Brothers Sequel) Guide

Updated on October 16, 2013


Long ago, living heroes fought with the dead at their side...The Rite of Sacrifice... Raising the undead...

A forbidden RPG of world conquest!

The latest game in the worldwide hit Blood Brothers series is here!

Evolved strategy that's even more dynamic and exciting!

Armies clash in epic, sweeping battles!

A hero rose to stop the cycle of blood for blood and rein in the chaos...

...but in the end he sacrificed his allies to create the ultimate undead army.

A dark chapter of history waits to be you!

You play one of the Seven warlords, Blue beards, Black Brute, Purple Knife, Grey Mage, White Knight, Green Healer, Red Samurai and Golden Lance to aid Galbraith the Lionheart in his campaign.

The most interesting part of the game is that you are able to sacrifice your unit and turn them to undead. Calling upon the undead will allowed them to assist you in the Mission. However, after the Mission, the undead will perish.

This is an interesting part of the game as it actually allowed you to make use of those units that is of not much use to you. Instead of throwing them away, you can utilize them to allow you to win in the battle.

Tips: Keep as much of the undead as possible. Spam them when you are facing difficult mission or when you meet tough opponent whereby your standard team cannot win over them. As there are a maximum number of undead that you can keep, try to evolve units from C->UC ->R -> E before converting them to undead. The whole idea is, keep as much of undead as possible however try for higher rarity undead. They will truely aid you in battles.

The Graphical battle scene can be brutally depicts as the game has extreme good graphic. See who you fight and do not get upset by the battles scene for it is just a game. There are plenty of skill graphic for you to truely enjoyed the game-play. Ever wondered why DeNa Always provides you a game with such a extreme graphic. This i believed is a method that actually captive their player. Making many of us keep playing over and over again. Be Sure to be among the first few to get hold of epic member in your team and cast down those extremely good skill on your opponent. Make the battle brutally fun with the extreme graphic.

Tips: Keep the game away from young kids if it gets too violent.

The battle system involved a large battle field whereby you battle it out with your opponent to death. A typical Mission involved three battle round whereby you will fight three groups of enemy without regenerating your HP. If it get too tough in battles, be sure to summon the undead to assist you in your battle. The large battle field also allows you to enjoyed the battle round to a great extend with each move strategically place to bring you forward to victory.Be sure to defeat your brutal opponent and satisfy your thirst for victory.

Tips: Use a team of fully evolve member to ensure your victory in Battles. The evolve system is very much similar to Blood Brothers. You can evolves a perfect familiar by maximizing their level and then merge them together. 10% of a full max level unit will be transfer from the Seed to the spawn.

Use your heroes’ skill at the right time to maximize the damage to every opponent. This game involves you to strategize your battle tactic. Should you use your skill at the start of the mission or keep your skill till the last part of the mission to kill the final boss. All this strategy is up to you to select.

Formation plays a part in your battles system too. Be sure to choose the best formation for the scenario or battle that you can outwit in.

Tips: Be sure to try all the formations before you stick to one that you truly love it.

Invite Gift

To enhance your game start, be sure to input this invite code : 7kQsfK to receive a starter goody pack. To input the code, from the main menu, select the "i" icon at the left hand side of the screen. Then click the More button for the category "Submit Invite ID to get items" Then you will reach the right hand side picture screen. Enter the invite ID : 7kQsfK to received your goody pack to enhance your journey in Blood Battalion.

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