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Blood Battalion Expeditions Events Guide

Updated on October 16, 2013

Expedition Events

The First Expedition Event last around 10days which give you ample times to complete the whole expedition. During the event, there will be a new area added known as Expedition Areas. These areas are only accessible during Expedition Events. Each Expedition Area contain three castle quarters with enemies of varying difficulty. You earn rewards for each level you complete.

During the Expedition, you can earn two different kinds of points. Vanquish Points which you will received for each enemy defeat and Level Points which you earned for each level you complete. Defeat the enemy warlords within certain number of turns will also earn you Blitz Bonus. After receiving certain amount of points, you will earn rewards base on those points.

The points also determine your ranking in the Events. Be rank amount the top to received a Special Unit.

LanceLot's Rebellious

Expedition Event typically consist of three castle quarters with enemies of varying difficulty. You earn rewards for each level you complete.

For LanceLord's Rebellious Expedition Event, it consist of three castle quarters namely castle Borloque, castle Arza and Luden the Walled City.

From the Right Hand Side picture, you will be able to see a typical event maps with each castle appearing on the map after you complete the castle progressively.This mean you will not be able to skip any castle before you conquer the castle.

Castle Borloque defends Luden against assault by land. It is currently controlled by Hector de Maria, Lancelot's Sister. Your goal is to bring her to her kness and open the way into Luden. For this castle, it involved four levels of 3 battles before reaching Maria, Lancelot's Sister. Completing the final fight against Maria, Lancelot's Sister will make her join your team.

Castle Arza is defend by Lancelot's ally, the famed archer Palamedes. For this castle, it involved nine levels of 3 battles before reaching Sir Palamedes. Completing the final fight against Sir Palamedes will make him join your team.

Luden, the Walled City, once thought impregnable, Luden has been taken by the Azure Order. Destroy them, capture their leader, Lancelot and bring a swift end to this rebellion.Your ultimate goal is to reach lancelot in the whole Expedition Event. This castle involved fourteen levels of 3 battles before reaching Sir Lancelot. Completing the final fight against Sir Lancelot will make him join your team.

Completing the Event

To complete the events, all you need is a team of high level Epic Units and you can take the event with a breeze. However, future events difficulty might be adjusted once most players had more than one Epic in their teams. So how do you progress up the expedition without the help of a strong teams especially if you had just started up with the game?

For these event, typically you should be able to complete up to the second castle with the main characters that you receive from standard mission- namely Your Warlords, Galbraith and Sylvie. Be sure to level them as they will aid you well in the Expedition. Choose Your warlords wisely, a simple tip is to choose those warlords that do range attack as they will not be in the front line and get killed first. If your warlord is dead, you has to either revive him or withdraw from battles.

However, to move beyond that, it will require at least one epic unit which preferably has an Attack All Skill. You might wish to try your luck by enlisting new units and hoping to get an epic unit. Chances to get the Epic unit are much higher if you pay the game developer and use their currency to enlist a new unit.

There are typically four ways to enlist a new unit. Starting from a Cage > Cell > Vault > Arcane Cell. Higher level cells yield more chance for Epic unit with the highest Arcane Cell been the greatest chance. However, to enlist an unit using Arcane Cell require you to pay real money.

After getting one or two epics, will you take down Lancelot easily. The answer is No. Unless you have a full team of Epics unit else you have to strategies your fight.

Tip Number 1: Be sure to get most of your unit close to leveling by studying before engage a new 3 battles level as skill recharge after unit level in between battles. In this way, you can use all your skill in the first battle and after the battle, you will be able to reuse the skill on your second round of battle.

Tip Number 2: Prepared to use Panacea (Get from chest or Buy from game developer) to revive your team and complete the level.

Tip Number 3: Summon undead to battle to aid you in your fight. Do note that undead fare better in the night than in the Day- typically they move slower in the day. So summon them only when your warlord is near the enemies else the undead will be behind your main team whereby your main team will get targeted first rather than the undead.

Tip Number 4: Different formation provides different boast to your team stat so by changing formation might help you against the battles.

With these tips, hope it will help you progress to the final battles against Lancelot.

Rank & Point Rewards

Beside completing the Expedition, we will also want to be rank among the top to receive the special rank rewards. Currently, only top 400 players get to receive the special rewards.

In order to reach top 400, you have to be repeating the final battle in the expedition event which yield around 3700 points each round. Then it is all about using mandrakes to let you have more points than the rest of the players.

Beside achieving the rank rewards, consolation point rewards is also here to rewards players on their hard work in earning points.

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Invite ID

To enhance your game start, be sure to input this invite code : 7kQsfK to receive a starter goody pack. To input the code, from the main menu, select the "i" icon at the left hand side of the screen. Then click the More button for the category "Submit Invite ID to get items" Then you will reach the right hand side picture screen. Enter the invite ID : 7kQsfK to received your goody pack to enhance your journey in Blood Battalion.


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