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Blow Things Up Free Detonation Game Review

Updated on November 18, 2010
Play the game at:
Play the game at: | Source

'Cute' is hardly a word you might expect to be used in the context of a game solely devoted to destroying things with bombs, but 'Blow Things Up' a free game from PhysicsGames is so freakin' adorable that I sometimes felt bad about blowing the little circular creatures off their tenuos pylons of blocks. Mostly because of the 'awww' sound they make when they're blown up and the 'ooooo' sound as they fall to their little circular dooms. So very sweet.

At first the game appears to be without challenge. You can place bombs anywhere on the background, where they will float, ironically defying the very laws of physics. Every level has a certain number of allowed bombs, and at the end of the round, if any of the little red gremlins have managed to find purchase on a remaining block, you lose.

The challenge quickly escalates with the introduction of 'good guys'. If you knock a good guy off his post, then you lose. It hardly seems fair that a game about blowing things up occasionally requires you to refrain from blowing things up, but life isn't fair.

I enjoy some of the slow physics that sometimes come into play. Not every detonation causes immediate chaos. Sometimes the shock waves take a few seconds to ripple through the obstacles and it takes a moment or two before the objects of your destruction begin to slowly, but inexorably, fall into the great beyond.

This is something of a thinking game, but it doesn't require so much thinking that you'll require a walk through, however you can expect to be forced to experiment on occasion, and sometimes change the way you approach the business of destruction. Whilst it is true that all problems will be able to be solved with the use of a bomb, sometimes quick thinking and timing also come into play, especially when it comes to destroying the 'evil circles' and saving the 'good guys'.

Where I will give the game a huge dose of credit is in the level design. Unlike some games, which become inexorably harder and harder until the player would rather grind their face into the keyboard than keep playing, Blow Things Up will often throw in a few easy levels in which you'll experience the satisfaction of destruction before once again stumping you with something new and different.

A simple game very much worth playing, Blow Things Up is fun for the whole family.


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