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Boss Fight: Dead Rising 2: Day 1 Psychopaths

Updated on August 11, 2011

In this issue of Boss Fight, We jump into Fortune City, the zombie-ridden place that used to be known as "America's Entertainment Playground" in the world of Dead Rising 2. There are many things to do in Fortune City: Solving Case Files, Saving Survivors, and Fighting Psychopaths.

Psychopaths were normal people that have gone crazy due to the Outbreak. Some hold Survivors as prisoners and others are just out to kill Chuck Greene. Each Psychopath has different mechanics and require different strategies to overcome. Now with any articles relating to video games, there are spoilers included in each of these articles.

What I use to fight all Psychopaths:
Defiler (Sledge Hammer + Fire Axe)
Knife Gloves (Boxing Gloves + Bowie Knife)

Ted Smith and Snowflake
Reason: To keep Snowflake fed with "fresh" meat
Time Start: Day 1, 4:00 AM
Message: None
Survivors: None

Ted Smith is the caretaker of his show tiger, Snowflake. They are very first Psychopaths in the game. The strategy I have used was covered in Case One. What I'm going to talk about is how you can tame Snowflake. This is not recommended for your first playthrough for Snowflake does hit hard, you only have four inventory spaces and you need three for this.

On the way to the Yucatan Casino, go through the Food Court and stop by the first restaurant on the left, the "Wild West Grill House". Head to the kitchen in the back, there will be three steaks(two on the table, one on the floor). Pick up all three and head to the fight.

After the fight, Snowflake still remains on the field. DO NOT ATTACK HER! It is important she does not take damage during this. She will roar and then charge after you. Dodge Roll before she pounces to avoid it. If you don't have Dodge Roll yet, running perpendicular to her and jumping at the right moment may get you away in time, but it is not guaranteed. She will always follow through with walking toward you and trying to claw swipe, Dodge Roll or walk away to avoid. YOU HAVE TO AVOID ALL ATTACKS FOR THIS TO WORK SMOOTHLY!

After attacking, She will run into the casino, killing any zombies she tramples on. During this phase, drop the three steaks on the location you want to stand by. You have to remain near the steaks for this to be effective. Kill nearby zombies while she's out, but get ready for her return charge. You can also eat/drink something else to heal if needed.

On her return charge if she slows down and moves toward the steak, she will eat it and charge back into the Casino. Always be on the lookout if she's charging you or walking to the steaks. Once she eats the three steaks, a cutscene will play and she will turn from Psychopath to Survivor.

Snowflake will follow you like any Survivor. You need Snowflake if you want the "Father of the Year" achievement.

Leon Bell
Reason: Has to be "Number 1"
Time Start: Day 1, 2:30 PM
Message: "Meet the Contestants"
Survivors: None

One of the competitors who played against Chuck in "Terror is Reality" game show. The fight starts when you arrive at the Fortune City Arena Entrance in west Platinum Strip. He rides about a "Slicecycle", a motorcycle with two chainsaws sticking out of the sides. He is one of the more annoying Psychopath fights.

When you regain control, he rides to Fortune Park where he stays for the entire fight. Now that you have the Bike Key, jump on the motorcycle to quickly get to Fortune Park.

The easiest way to deal with him is if you have access to the SUV and you can just ram him. You can do the same on the motorcycle, but requires more timing and is harder. If you choose to fight him on foot, use the Knife Gloves for your attacks.

His only attack is driving toward you at top speed to hit you. If he hits you, he will spin around in a donut before accelerating again.

You can jump over the fenced areas to get away to heal and maybe get a good hit or two before he backs up. If you're lucky, he will glitch and get stuck in a fence, approach from behind and hit him with the Knife Gloves. Should he get free, move away and jump over the fence to get you some time.

When he is defeated, he gets what he deserves and you get access to Leon's Motorcycle Trailer. It is at the east end of the Silver Strip, north of the Yucatan Casino Entrance. You need this for the "Custom Finish" achievement.

Brandon Whittaker
Reason: Believes the Outbreak was the next step for CURE
Time Start: Day 1, 5:00 PM
Message: "Chuck the Role Model"
Survivors: Vikki

An insane CURE member that adores Chuck for starting the Outbreak and believes it was a message to start turning everyone into zombies. You must approach the Men's Restroom in the Americana Casino. He will fight you with a piece of broken glass, holding it like a dagger.

The room has two sets of stalls on either side with two urinal islands in the center. He hits hard and can be a pain. His main attack is a running jump attack that knocks you off your feet. Dodge Roll or run away from him. Perform the Defiler's Jump Attack and Dodge Roll or jump away(may work) to avoid his retaliation. He will perform the retaliation for each successful attack you perform on him after he's done his main attack.

He will scream in frustration and jump over the top of the stall. He can magically teleport from one set of stalls to the other, so be prepared. Stand by the entrance to the restroom and wait for him to reappear. He will gesture his weapon across his throat before performing his main attack away. Rinse and Repeat.

When he's dead, there will be a zombie in the room. Kill him and rescue Vikki.

Antoine Thomas
Reason: Cooking people for an imaginary food critic to arrive
Time Start: Day 1, 10:30 PM
Message: "Tastes Like Chicken"
Survivors: Cinda

You must arrive at the Cucina Donnacci restaurant in the Food Court to start the fight. After the intro cutscene, you will both be standing in the kitchen.

He has three projectile attacks:
- Frying Pan - Knocks you down if it hits.
- Cleaver - Hits hard.
- Plates - Throws several plates.

In the kitchen, there is an island, which can block all projectile attacks if it's between you both. Use the columns in the restaurant for the same purpose. Use Dodge Roll or run jump to avoid.

He runs real fast and his frying pan melee attack knocks you down and is also fast. He doesn't seem to rest until he hits you. While on the ground, he can either jump on you and forcefeed you fries, which you need to wiggle your joystick back-and-forth to get free or he will run to one of three tables(Two in the restaurant, one in the left handside of the kitchen) and proceed to eat and heal himself, this is really the only time you can hit him. Get ready for his frying pan melee attack when he stops. Sometimes if you hit him too early, he will stop eating and continue fighting.

Once he's dead, you can enter the freezer in the back to get access to Cinda, but she refuses to go with you because you were on TV about the Outbreak. To get her to come along, leave the restaurant and head to the other side of the Food Court and go to the vending machines left of Lombardi's, climb up them and climb up to get atop the southern restaurants, Jasper will be here. Talk to him to have him join and then bring him to Cinda and talk to her for her to join.


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