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Walkthrough: Dead Rising 2: Case 1

Updated on August 11, 2011

For months now, gamers worldwide have been playing through all the splendor that is Fortune City and killing the zombie hordes that plagued America's Entertainment Playground. But what if you're new to the world of Dead Rising 2? Then you're in the right place. I'll break down each of the case files, psychopath fights, and survivors in separate articles.

WARNING! Each of these articles contain lots of spoiler alerts, so if you don't want the story ruined for you, then don't proceed further.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here's Dead Rising 2!

Story Start. Follow all the cutscenes to be introduced to a few of the characters you'll meet. You also get to play through a fun mini-game riding a motorcycle. You still get money whether you win or lose, just the amount changes and you get a different cutscene.

After the cutscenes, the Fortune City Outbreak has begun and people are being eaten by zombies left-and-right. You must evade zombies to get to Katey. Once you're carrying here, just walk through the zombies to leave the Fortune City Arena. One cutscene later and you're safely inside...well, the Safe House.

You can skip all this after your first playthrough by hitting the Start button at the first cutscene.

Here you meet Sullivan who guards this place. He is reluctant to allow Katey inside as she was infected during the Vegas Outbreak before the start of the game. You show him a Zombrex carton, assuring him you got more. Inside the Security Room, you meet Stacey Forscythe in person(leader of Nevada's Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality aka CURE) who keeps watch over Katey and acts as your eyes in the sky.

3:00 AM. Before the Case Files even begin you're given five hours to do what you want. Your first playthrough you don't have access to the Maintenance Rooms yet and you have four inventory spaces. I suggest getting two weapons(Baseball Bats, Sledge Hammers, and Fire Axes are easily accessible in or near the Safe House) and two food healing four health(Coffee Creamer and Orange Juice are best, 3 Creamers are in "The Dark Bean" outside the doors leading to the Safe House and an Orange Juice is on the counter or "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" Newstand.

Second Playthrough, get a Fire Axe and a Sledge Hammer. Break the display of "The Man's Sport" to get a pair of Boxing Gloves and the Bowie Knife atop "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow". Go back to the Maintenance Room, Use the pairs of weapons above to make a Defiler(For Psychopaths) and Knife Gloves(For Zombies).

You're told to go to Roy's Mart on the other side of the Royal Flush Plaza. Not just yet...go past it to the Slot Ranch Casino. Go to the backstage in the north area and get atop the pair of giant dice there. Turn your camera to see Zombrex nearby, jump across the way to get yourself a free Zombrex.

Head to the Yucatan Casino, past the Food Court. After 4:00 AM, you get to meet your first psychopath, Ted, and his "pet" tiger, Snowflake. This is not recommended for your first playthrough as Snowflake hits hard. Using the Jump attack of your Defiler(will take some practice) to knock Ted down, ignore the tiger and keep hitting him. First playthrough, baseball bats and sledge hammers are your best bet. Once he is dead, Snowflake still remains until you leave the Yucatan for a set amount of time(I'm unsure), kill her, or tame her.

Head back to Roy's Mart. Three Looters are raiding the mart looking for anything. They're harrassing Denyce, the pharmacist. After the cutscene, kill the looters(they're easy) and after a short cutscene, jump over the counter to talk to Denyce. Once she's recruited, open the door to get at the Zombrex hidden in the room and go back to the Safe House to drop off Denyce and get a short cutscene with Sullivan.

You need to give Katey her Zombrex between 7-8 AM everyday or she'll die. Until then, you get to do whatever you want, just talk to Katey between the times above and the story continues.

Case 1-1. Giving Katey her dose will move the game forward to 9:00 AM where the first case begins, which is a cutscene. A News Report where Rebecca Chang is live at the Fortune City Hotel. She reports the cause of the Outbreak with recovered video footage. Congratulations, Chuck Greene has been framed for the Outbreak and also implicating CURE as well. Time for some answers and to clear your name.

Case 1-2. When you enter the Fortune City Hotel, you get another cutscene. After talking to Rebecca about your innocence. In exchange for helping you, Rebecca gets an exclusive interview.

Case 1-3. Once you got control back, talk to Rebecca and follow her. Talk to her again shortly after to have her continue. Kill/Avoid zombies while staying close to Rebecca all the time to the end. She'll stop now-and-again to kill zombies near her, just stick with it. At the end of your journey, you'll get to the Central Security Room in the Fortune City Arena to find it completely trashed and all the personnel have been killed...but not by zombies. You must find another way to clear your name. Stacey calls telling you that Sullivan is trying to kick Katey out of the Safe House. Rebecca stays behind to investigate further.

Case 1-4. Just return to the Safe House. Open the door to the Security Room and you receive a cutscene with Stacey and Sullivan arguing where you interrupt. Once the cutscene is over, you've beaten Case One.

That's all for this article. Next time, Case Two.


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